Friday, August 27, 2010


after many months and an ebay transaction gone wrong, i finally have new bedding!

hello lovah....

(west elm links)

yum. can't wait for it to arrive!!!

Monday, August 02, 2010

because i am too lazy to find an actual pen

for the baby book... olivia is now taking steps! i mean, she's been walking holding our fingers for maybe two months? but she now stands up (without holding on to anything) and will take a few steps before collapsing into a heap.

which is sometimes followed by squeals of delight and clapping, others with a frustrated cry and much fist pounding (hello, daughter of mine) and still others with a little determined face and immediate re-try.

her usual is about two or three steps, but yesterday evening in the yard, she took EIGHT!

she is also officially OFF BOTTLES!!! it feels like a huge victory in theory. she's not even 13 months old and we transitioned pretty easily. yay! i get to put the dishwasher racks away! i get to store all the dr. browns bottles with their 90 million parts away into the basement! hurrah!


i've just swapped them for born free sippies. which have seven (SEVEN) parts per cup. and, if you keep track, that's ONE MORE PART PER DRINK CONTAINER THAN THE BOTTLE.

so i'm not really saving myself any effort, but still. she's a big girl now! woot! also, these sippies are fantastic. she is rough. like throwing them, banging them, flinging them, hanging them upside down... and they never EVER leak. i love them. eleventy billion parts and all. plus, they come with caps and not many of the sippies I've seen do. WHY!??!!?)

she has four teeth still. and i might be crazy, but my friend was visiting this weekend and mentioned that her top teeth look big (NOT in a jerk way) and i was like whoa. THEY ARE. the seem like grown-up big.

tom and i agreed that we'll provide any cosmetic dentistry necessary if the poor girl has freak teeth. god, i just hope they're straighter than mine were. four years of braces. hell.