Wednesday, December 29, 2010

what day is it?

the last six weeks have been SO INSANE. i just finished a work project that had me literally up for 38 hours at a TIME and 2.0 definitely got pissy about it. High blood pressure, low amniotic fluid... YIKES.

i am happy GRATEFUL to report that things are looking good for our second kiddo despite my horrifying lack of care. sigh. here's a peek at our olivia look-a-like at our 18 week ultrasound:

they look like twins, don't they?? chubby cheeked goodness up in here! and a wave! we have to go back in two weeks to have another look at the fluid to make sure everything's ok there. seriously. what is UP with my kids and amniotic fluid? olivia nearly killed herself by pooping in hers and INHALING IT and this one? just decided, "ya know what? i'm all set w/o it." um, no, dear. you actually REALLY NEED IT. sigh.

and speaking of insanity, somehow, today i am TWENTY WEEKS PREGNANT. halfway through. already.

i don't know what's crazier... that i'm halfway through cooking this bean or that my shower curtain is STILL WRINKLY two-and-a-half years post-hanging.

we still don't know if this is a boy or girl... waiting till birth date! but we each have our guesses. i think it's a boy and tom thinks it's another girl. people assume we (or at least tom) WANTS a boy because we already have a girl, but honestly, we don't even care. sisters would be great. brother and sister? also great. we still don't have names picked out. not even a girl name. or a single thing done to prepare for this baby. i mean, we know which room will be the nursery, but it's still currently an office. it needs to be emptied, painted, furnished, etc.

we decided to leave olivia in her crib and get a new one for the baby. she's not currently showing any signs of wanting out and to be honest? i'd like to keep her safely tucked behind bars as long as she'll allow it. i'm sure the day after we set up this new crib and throw the receipt away, she'll scale her crib and escape. that's our girl.

OK, so this pregnancy vs. last one... in some ways they are very similar. and in some, totally different.

same: no morning sickness, i think i'm carrying very similarly, pubic bone separating agony.

not the same: no bleeding this time at all, WAY more tired in the second tri (but that is likely due to stress and ya know, a toddler), this baby is way less active than olivia was at this point, food aversions in the first tri (chicken = gag), with olivia i was all about mac n cheese... this baby wants BEEF. specifically cheeseburgers. olivia was mostly in the 160s for heart rate and this one varies: 140-160. not that it makes a bit of difference!

ahhh yes, i mentioned the pubic bone of doom. i think i made it to about 30 weeks before it was painful last time. i started having trouble walking/standing at 19 weeks this time. i have a physical therapy appointment scheduled for next week that i hope brings some relief, but we'll see.

ok, that's all for now. the beastie is sleeping. god, i hope this new kid takes after his/her sister in the sleep department. PLEASE!!!