Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a few of my fave things

like oprah, except i don't have any to give you and plus, you might not even LIKE my fave things.

  1. holiday flavors: gingerbread, peppermint, pumpkin spice.... YES!
  2. strawberry cream cheese. holy hell, i love this.
  3. my down comforter because my scrooge mcduck husband keeps the heat on 12 degrees F
  4. cinnamon life cereal.
  5. almost every crime show known to MAN: csi, svu, cold case and my new MUST SEE TV: criminal minds. i know it's not new, but DAMN i can't get enough lately.
  6. my fugly uggs. heaven on my feet.
  7. the voicemails my nephew leaves me. this one in particular:
    hunter: hi, auntie? it's me hunter. i'm with tom and i just wanted to say OH MY GOD we just saw a deer in the road. like in REAL LIFE. and we almost hit it!!! i love you, i miss you. hasta la vista!!
  8. my velour track suit from old navy. OH MY GOD i could wear it 24/7. HAYYY!
  9. when i remember to set the coffeepot at night and wake up to fresh coffee. it's almost like having a maid!
  10. barack obama.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i'm SORRY. i've been preoccupied. you know, with LIFE and shit!??!

no excuse. right now i should be getting ready for work. it's 7:30am. HELLO?!?! i should be leaving in a half hour. i am still in my awesome velour track suit (hello, old navy, i love you.) cat on lap, blogging with a cup of coffee and the rain beating down on our skylight, so ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, BECKY????


i am!

ok, the biggest pain in my ass right now is tree-related. tom HAD to buy a house with a giant (1 acre is giant to me, OK?!) yard, that backs up onto the woods with a LOOOOOT of trees.

well that bastard now claims he needs all manner of lawn equipment to care for said lawn and can i just say that takes money away from SPA TREATMENTS. many, many leaves are on our lawn. we have one measly rake and a tiny leaf blower. they are NO MATCH for our lawn.

everyone else in our neighborhood has raked, so the pressure is on. the neighbor across the street has this ginormous leaf blower that looks like a lawn mower and could straight up blow me to maine. i threw down my rake (i totally raked for like four minutes) and said fuck it. buy one of those bitches. pedicures be damned.

and that's your lame update for today.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it's here!

in fact, BECKY, i just picked it up tonight!!! along with some cute ghosts for my dining room table.

i know, i have been the suckiest of all sucky bloggers lately, but i got some stuff going on that's preoccupying my time. i'll be back soon. PROMISE!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


we ordered this delightful media console over a WEEK ago and it's still not in! wtf, pier one!?

do you NOT want me to buy all my holiday decor at your store?



(maybe on sunday. with jen. my target cohort.)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

about the bangs...

guys, i know you are all waiting for the bangs pix and BELIEVE ME, i want to give you the pix, but the weather here SINCE THURSDAY (when i got them) has been a rainy, humid MESS.

my hair + wet = YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

i have worn a little barrette holding them back since i got them because the frizz is TOO MUCH. i think the weather is supposed to be better tomorrow, so i PROMISE i'll get a picture uploaded.

you all will be disappointed. i think they're too long and need them a bit shorter.