Monday, March 24, 2008

i'm trying, people

so i have today off from work. for easter monday. what? i don't know. all i know is i have it off.
my plan is to go to the gym today. so, i started by getting my ipod ready. crap. my songs are all old. so i decide to download an audiobook.
that takes some time.
i download it and realize that i really don't have much battery left, so now i have to charge it.
it's charging.
and i just realized that i'm kind of starving. i can't really exercise on a completely empty stomach.
ok, it's not completely empty. it has three cups of coffee in it.
so now i'm making some lunch.
but then, i'll have to wait till my lunch digests before i go to the gym. i can't really exercise on a full stomach!

i swear. i'll get there before 2pm.

Monday, March 17, 2008

i completely forgot

to mention that we now have FREE starbucks at work. complete with flavor shots. ohhhhh yeah! notice this is the second post in one day. this is NOT a coincidence. also? i didn't even MENTION the st. patrick's day parade in southie yesterday. paraders included: storm troopers, boba fett, elvis (old, ugly elvis), sam adams and ST. PATRICK HIMSELF. a guy was walking by us with a twelve-pack of sam and dropped it. it's like the entire parade screeched to a halt. the crashing of the glass and the beer just pouring out of the cardboard. people were actually offering condolences.

also, we did stand right in front of a wicked awesome roast beef shack. i love boston.


this is a conversation between my project manager and me via IM a few minutes ago:

me [10:27 AM]: the nav... will that be fixed?
pm [10:27 AM]: i don't think so...
me[10:27 AM]: wait, it WON'T be fixed? It has to be fixed.
me [10:27 AM]: I'm not leaving it like this for a week.
pm [10:28 AM]: hey take it easy.....i am looking into it now...

um, did he just tell me to TAKE IT EASY!??!?! dude is lucky he's in europe or he'd be receiving a drop kick. i do not respond well to that sort of behavior. ask my husband how i respond when he tells me i need "to relax." cue: the apocolypse.

also, happy st. patrick's day. tom and i went with his family to see celtic woman on friday night at the casino and it was... long. but people were JAMMING to this stuff. i thought it would be like an hour of yodeling, but no. it was an hour of yodeling and fiddling and then. AN INTERMISSION. then another hour of yodeling and fiddling. i thought the fiddler girl was either going to get her hair caught in the bow OR fall of the damned stage, she was hopping all over so much.

tom called me this morning and sang (one of their gems from friday): "aaarre you going to scarborough faaaaair? parsley, saaaaaage rosemary and twwwwiiiine!"

he said twine.

Friday, March 14, 2008


so i was a 90210 fan back in the day. who WASN'T??? they graduated the same year i did. and yes, i actually did attend a 90210 party. as brenda. don't laugh, my friend becky attended as david silver's friend scott who shot himself!!! (we were 16 and still complete assholes.)
anyway, as you probably have heard, there are talks of a 90210 revival show and i saw this picture:hey there party hair


sweet jesus. that is all.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

such a learning curve

this is for you, tom. kudos to you for loving me.

forgive me?

for being such a lame blogger? will this suffice for the moment:

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

is it me you're lookin for?

oh what a feelin...
ok, you all may or may NOT know that i am a HUGE lionel richie fan. there is no rhyme or reason to it, i just love him. deal with it. mock if you will, i don't CARE. i have loved him since ohhhh second grade? i KNOW. i don't understand either.