Friday, November 30, 2007

i'm alive! sort of...

no, i didn't die in the heaven that is the new bed. almost. it's beyond description, it's THAT awesome. although it's sort of, um, high? when we were buying it, the sales guy sold us on a lot of bullshit that we probably didn't need... like the mattress cover (hi, your 10 year warranty on a bed that cost well over a grand is NULL and VOID if you don't have a mattress cover? wtf? fine, whatever, we'll buy it), so by the time we got to the box spring, we were like getmeoutofhere. anyway, the guy asked us if we wanted the "low" box spring instead of the normal size one. my first question, "IS IT MORE MONEY??" no, it's the same. why would we want a low box spring? i don't get it. so we were like, nah, we'll stick with um, the normal one.

well he didn't explain really that we'd need a SPRINGBOARD to catapult ourselves onto the bed because the mattress itself is like 8 feet thick. anyway, it's like princess and the pea. or something.

anyway. on to more interesting topics. like my husband. a little bit ago, i went into the kitchen to make a grilled cheese (i'm working from home because i'm sick. which is why i'm "sort of" alive. i have a double ear infection. what f'ing grown up gets a single, let alone DOUBLE ear infection??) and noticed our cereal bowls in the sink. mine with a normal sized spoon. tom's with a SERVING SPOON.

now, i know this silverware (or flatware or whatever the hell it's called) is new, but this is CLEARLY not an eating utensil. don't believe me?

my normal, eating spoon is on the right. the serving spoon tom used to eat FROOT LOOPS with is on the left. if you are still not convinced, here is a shot of them next to my not teeny tiny hand for size comparison:

i guess i should consider him resourceful -- fewer bites means less time sitting idly eating cereal watching the morning tv. wait, WHY would you want to speed that up??

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

missing: two teeth!

ok, so my nephew did not GET teeth until he was almost one and then got like 7 at once. that is just how he rolls. so it shouldn't be a surprise that half his first grade class looks like jack-o-lanterns while his baby teeth held fast.
confession: i really didn't want them to fall out because baby teeth are just SO CUTE. and also? i want him to stay small and sweet forever. good luck, my future children.
ANYWAY, in true hunter fashion, he lost two in two weeks. BAM! happy thanksgiving, little man.

Another one gone

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hey mama

ok, so this photo does NOT do it justice, but behold... my mom's infamous stuffing. the woman had two Very Good Recipes and this is one of them. (the other is chicken soup.) she passed away sort of suddenly in february of 2006 (i say "sort of" because i feel like if she wasn't my mom, i totally would have seen it coming, but when your mom's 49, it doesn't matter HOW sick she is, you revert to 5 years old and completely believe she will recover from COPD and early-onset emphysema. duh.), so i was, of course, completely unprepared. hahaha unprepared -- what a totally asshole comment. OF COURSE I WAS UNPREPARED. i think, even when you KNOW it's coming, you are completely unprepared. ok. tangent.

ANYWAY, i meant that i didn't gather up all of the important things, all of the stuff that only MY mom knows and could pass on to me, and for me to pass on to my kids and all that other happy bullshit. i had made The Stuffing (and The Chicken Soup, for that matter) probably 25 times, but always with her standing over my shoulder, barking at me. I totally zone out when people bark at me. It's like when you're driving and someone's barking directions at you, then you need to go to that same place again, but by yourself... and you ask for directions and the barker barks, "don't you remember?!" no. same for this. whoops, sorry. another tangent.

ANYWAY AGAIN... luckily for me, my former roommate JM (heh) has been fortunate (fortunate=drunk) enough to spend a thanksgiving or two with my family and thus has been a party to The Stuffing. she remembers stuff. like directions and street names. and THE RECIPE. so last year, my first thanksgiving without my mom, i was a mess and pissed for not paying attention and all that other guilty shit that just comes with the job of being a daughter when JM saved the day and reminded me of the recipe. so my sister and i ate it last year and it was a wonderful gift. ok, i'm getting sappy now. but seriously, the stuffing includes SAUSAGE AND BACON. hi. a little bit of heaven, much?!?!

you may be wondering about The Chicken Soup recipe. hahahaha yeah, no i don't remember that either, but thank god, my sister does and she pumps that out all the time. i'm so lucky.

look at me, all thankful. just in time for thanksgiving. mom would be proud of her forgetful, directionally challenged daughter. ;)

i can't stop

with the wedding pictures. we're still getting some in from our friends and our proofs are on their way... watch out, it's only going to get worse!!
in other news, what's up with the freak snow storm today? i didn't even wear a coat. it snowed and i had no coat. i'm DEFINITELY not old* enough to be married. yet somehow, i am.
*by "old" i mean "grown up" -- i am CERTAINLY old enough. sadly. and don't even get my husband started about the color of his hair.

Friday, November 16, 2007

couple more wedding pics

here is my amazing nephew, who, by this point, had been up, showered, spent three hours at a hair salon and was waiting to GO to the ceremony. an almost-six-year-old who sat quietly (and bored) while i freaked out about my dress and the weather, then rode to church, gave me away like a CHAMP, sat quietly through the hourlong ceremony, rode to city hall for pictures for like two hours and didn't get TOO cranky. (he did refuse to be in any more pictures at one point and tom had to carry him), then to the reception where he danced with his auntie before escaping to his batman jammies for the evening. i love you, hunter. you are the best. and your mom ain't too shabby, either!this is so bootleg
i know. the sunset is unreal, right? well it damn well BETTER BE considering the bullshit weather we had all day!! yes, it was absolutely freezing, also. at least i had the giant dress on for warmth. the poor bridesmaids had cocktail length strapless dresses on. i owe them all. big time.
f you hurrican noel
aaaand here's the happy couple after surviving their hourlong full mass catholic wedding ceremony. i still can't believe that fool was crazy enough to marry me. i totally scored with this one. :)
my husband f'ing ROCKS

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i'm sorry

seriously? did we?!?!
but how cute are we?? i call this our "holy shit, did we just actually GET MARRIED?!" picture.

eta... no, that's not a prison tattoo on my arm, it's the photographer's watermark.

i cannot wait!!!

just read this:

Wake up refreshed every single morning. The plush Lakefront gives you six comfort layers of premium foams that cushion your body and keep you snug all night long. Includes luxurious SealyFoam, which is ten percent more durable than conventional foams.

oh that's right. we just made our FIRST important purchase as a married couple. a new king-size bed. saturday, november 24th cannot get here FAST ENOUGH!

no more waking up black and blue from being beaten (while) unconscious by a sleeping tom. he's a Flailer. i will not CARE now that i'll be sleeping in another ZIP CODE in our new bed! woo hoo!

come to mama.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

mellied... SHEESH!

well, despite noel´s BEST efforts (i´m talkin´huge wind, sideways rain, complete with the golf umbrella being flipped inside out as i´m ENTERING church trifecta) we did it!!woo hoo! married!

enjoying a much-needed week in the riviera maya. PEACE!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

are you fucking kidding me??

fucking hurricane