Tuesday, September 30, 2008

hello, free bag...

i totally stole this idea from erica, but I HAD TO!!!




GO ENTER TO WIN, now!!! :)

just a typical day at the office...

storm troopers just randomly patrolling the building. YES, this is a PERSON. NOT a statue. there are three of them just wandering around. i noticed them first in the parking lot but couldn't get a good pic, so when i went down to the lobby for coffee, i snapped some.

they are sort of intimidating!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008


i know i owe you pics. i'll post them when i get some, but don't get too excited. they aren't that awesome.

i am watching hope floats. do NOT hate. i freaking LOVE this movie in an insane way. i loved it even before my mother died. it makes me cry every. single. time. i love how it shows the strength of family. of hope.

beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad... it's the middle that counts.

god, i know i sound like a loser and NO, i am not drinking.

i might even love it as much as i love love actually. well... maybe not, but it's CLOSE.

and shut up about my stupid chick flick infatuation.

it is LOVE.

my cup runneth over.

Friday, September 26, 2008

perfect weather

to work at the big e! i'm co-running the booth for work from 3:30-9:30pm and I *hope* the biggest effort will be to make sure children don't eat or steal the product.

can i tell you i have lived in new england almost my ENTIRE LIFE and have never been to the big e? SRSLY! apparently there is a LOT (oh tessie i hope you're reading this because you will FLY HERE just for this list) of food to be consumed.

ETA: the stupid table listing all the food vendors f'ed up my margins so i'll just have to REPORT BACK with all that i ate whilst working today.

in other news, i got BANGS! (no, not BANGED, pervs.) i'll post a pic of me in my super cute big e work shirt and my NEW HAIR before i leave. in this glorious monsoon.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

hard to get back to it

i'm OUT of the blog habit so it's difficult to get back to it. i'm shameful. sigh. so here's my Latest Lame Update!!

this morning we had the electrician FINALLY come to install a socket and circuit (or some such nonsense) for the radon mitigation system that was PAINSTAKINGLY installed like two months ago. i'd link to the post about it, but i don't want to bore you to death before you finish THIS boring post.

apparently there is water in the basement. um. there was no such water when we moved in or for the month and a half afterwards and believe you me, we had SEVERAL rainstorms during that time period. i have deduced it is from the installation of the mitigation system. um, mr. installation guy? yeah, you better get yo ass back and fix that!

what else? i started pilates. hi, i am SO OUT OF SHAPE. it's embarrassing. also? humiliating.

oooh and i'm getting my hair cut tonight. i'm thinking of making A Change. tune in tomorrow for pics!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

world's best blogger wasn't available...

so yeah, i suck, BUT i have a michael scott mouse pad, so SUCK IT! i also bought tom a WORLD'S BEST BOSS mug for work since all of his employees pretty much hate him.


let's see, well... not too much else has been going on here in the last few weeks. it's finally fall so i got to put mums out on my front step! whee! um. what else?

cottage weekend 2008 was saturday and jeff brought an OFFICIAL beerpong table. like seriously. and also? he's 33.

i'll post more about that when cronin's lazy ass sends me some pics.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

more random photos

here is one of the hanging flower plants i've been trying not to kill for the last two months:

yeah mofo! so far, so good. there are even yellow flowers on this bitch now too!

here's one of my latest painting projects... the "accent wall" in my living room:

burnt sesame or brown or WHATEVER

don't mind the random walmart light in the middle of the floor. I COULDN'T SEE, OK?!

post-painting photoshoot with simon:

i like to get my furry tail in the yellow paint and rub it EVERYWHERE!!

we look worn out, don't we?

hunter's FIRST SOCCER PRACTICE!!! (you have NO IDEA what this means to my husband. NO IDEA!!!)

baby beckham


don't hate the playa, hate the game

ok, i have more of our trip to fenway on sunday, but i'm too damn tired now and shut up, i know these aren't formatted right, but i'm TIRED!