Monday, March 28, 2011

words = she haz 'em

olivia is a late-talker, in my opinion. you know, with all my vast parenting experience. i am clearly an expert on these matters.

anyway, until very recently she didn't really say much. don't get me wrong, girlfriend is VOCAL. always has been. but more of a secret robot language than anything decipherable as english.

the new words and phrases are coming like crazy now, just like my friends said they would. i can't keep up, but i'm going to try because SOMEDAY i will transfer this stuff to her woefully empty baby book.

here are the latest, in no particular order (and their translations, if necessary):

"i yuv you!"
"kitty? whey ah you?" (wait a moment, then) "i oh know!" (i don't know!)
"hun tah? ah you?" (insert a variety of names here...)
"hun tah!!!" (she thinks EVERYONE she sees is hunter. she ADORES him.)
"pah pah" (purple)
"yeh yow" (yellow)
"boo" (blue)
"oh nooooo!"
"boo booooo" me: olivia, do you have a boo boo? olivia: yeah (ALWAYS followed by her pointing to some fake boo boo that needs kissing.)
"i see it!"
"potty!" (yes, it's a potty. no, she doesn't do anything other than sit on it occasionally.)
"no no!" (her friend noah)
"kee kee!" (her friend kaitlyn)
"wa wa" (water, obvs)
"ceer-oh" (not to be confused with cheer-ohs, ceer-oh means cereal aka oatmeal)
"out DIE!" (where she always wants to be: outside)
"hyman" (SIMON! OUR CAT.)
"keh yee" (keli, our other cat.)
"max" (auntie heather's dog)
"poops" (sigh.)

there are so many more. she has a ton of animal noises, probably most of them? and makes a monster face and growls if you ask her for it.

2.0 is trying to kick his or her way out of me. this kid has got to weigh 19 lbs. 33 weeks this week. OMG.

Friday, March 18, 2011

spring fever!

olivia got to use her cozy coupe outside for the first time since she got it at christmas yesterday. let's just say it was a HUGE hit.

so much so that she did not want to come inside for dinner. or ever, for that matter...

Monday, March 14, 2011

march madness

finally almost all of the snow is gone. FINALLY. i took olivia for a stroll on saturday and we were both GIDDY over the fresh air and the impending time change. there is still a glimmer of light left at 6:30pm now and it's only going to get better.

it's crazy to me how sunshine honestly changes the mood in this house. we're all so much cheerier, optimistic and just HAPPIER. yay!

SIDE NOTE: OMG i just looked out the window and it's FLURRYING. ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME, MOTHER NATURE!!?!??!?!?!


...and, of course, that means it's springy springtime people. almost 31 weeks here. getting close to 2.0 time! i got the bookcase painted over the weekend and all that's left of the "big" projects is to paint the tall dresser for beanie bean's room and do the switcheroo. then i can get down to the business of washing teeny baby clothes and blankets and squeeeeeeing with delight. ahem.

and FINALLY, it's TOURNAMENT TIME!!! shock of all shocks, the huskies reclaimed the title we haven't had in what feels like FOREVA... big east champs!!! insanity. olivia was supah excited.

bring on the big dance.
bring on the warm weather.
bring on... the baby? well, in about 8 weeks, please. :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


so i'm trying to get ready for this new bean. it's march 1 today. meaning thank GOD spring is on its way because like everyone else in new england, i want to MURDER winter.

i seriously am wondering if the snow will be gone by the time the baby is born. IN MAY. cripes.

we've done a lot of work on 2.0's room. i wish i had more pictures, but i'll post them when we're through. i will say that both olivia and tom approve. in fact, i think they both like this room better than their own.

olivia in 2.0's crib:

she thinks it's hers. along with the glider and everything else in the room.

so far we've painted -- i used benjamin moore's natura paint in shaker beige and OMG while this paint is very spendy, it's FANTASTIC. the room was previously a terra cotta color and i didn't even use a primer because i wanted to stay 0% VOC. i only needed two coats of this paint and it was good. LOVE.

put together the new crib -- what a difference from livie's dainty classic white dropside to a stationary rail lifetime style convertible in ebony! i love them both, but BOY is it different!

ordered a nice, new mattress (since livie's staying in her own crib and will eventually need to keep her mattress for her toddler bed anyway)

and put together a new glider in beige and ebony. it's not as dreamy as olivia's but we're on a budget, people! it's just fine. and i'm happy we were able to get another glider at all.

next up is to transform the closet into something that utilizes the space more appropriately for an infant. one hanging rack doesn't really do much for me, so we're going to use the closetmaid storage system we have in olivia's closet and set up multiple racks and shelves for storage. woot!

i also have to paint a tall chest of drawers to move into olivia's room and move her current dresser (which doubles as a changing table) into the baby's room. the dresser is white and i contemplated painting it black, but thought a) i'm too lazy and b) a little white might look nice so i'm just switching out the silver knobs for black ones and maybe that'll work! i also am painting a tall bookcase black to have in that room, too.

oh yeah, so far the color scheme is beige, white and black with pops of green. if 2.0 is a boy, we'll run with the green and if she's a girl, pinkification will be in full effect. i'm really loving the way it's coming along so far.

and FINALLY, i'm trying to get more organized. i've found the most amazing website and today she's listed a BUNCH of awesome links to help us all get our butts in gear and get our homes de-cluttered. i thought i'd share for the 1 reader i may still have... ENJOY:

Link-tastic from I'm an Organizing Junkie