Saturday, March 28, 2009



i know! flowers!!!! i didn't even know those were there. we moved in mid-july and these were already gone by then. HEE! so cute. and of COURSE they are purple, since the lady who lived here before was OBSESSED with purple flowers. but, at least these are fareel purple and not freakin LAVENDAR. gag.

ALSO... i bought a wall quote for above the baby's crib. my camera is circa 2003 and has fewer megapixels than MY CELL PHONE so the quality sucks, but whateva. the first one gives a truer picture of the room color and the phrase is easier to read in the second...

"little angel from above" is the beginning of a lullaby my grandmother used to sing to my mom and that my mom sang to us and then to my nephew when he was tiny. i'm really heartbroken to say that i don't remember all the words and i CANNOT find the lyrics online and that sucks.

i mean, it doesn't suck more than the fact that my mom won't be able to actually rock this grandchild and sing to him or her in real life, but it is what it is. and this little quote is a small shout out to her. this bean will know and love you, mom. i promise.

and bonus! shot of my VERY ENTHUSIASTIC husband. he's moving a rock pile that the last lazy owner left on the side of our patio. he's been at it for three hours already and it doesn't even look like he's touched it. poor bastard.

Monday, March 23, 2009

adventures in I'M A TOTAL SHMUCK.

i could throw up. SRSLY throw up.

i got a nice letter in the mail about two weeks ago from my state saying, "hey jackass, you failed to file state taxes in 2004 and guess what? YOU OWE US A LOT OF MONEY."

i was like, whaaaaa? with interest and penalties it comes to like five grand.

so, i threw up. then i filed a continuance so i could check and see if their assessment was correct. IT WAS, OF COURSE.

i realized that i didn't file state taxes for the state i worked in, either, that year (worked in one state, lived in another). so i did all the stuff and it turns out THEY owed ME about FOUR thousand dollars!

which is proof that i am not a delinquent tax evader. i clearly somehow just lost my freakin mind and forgot to file state. i mean, i filed federal. HOW did i forget state? but, i was really excited because i could use that 4k to offset the disgusting 5k i owed my state.

i called this afternoon to verify how i should file and guess what? i missed the FUCKING STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR THIS STATE BY A YEAR. so those assholes get to keep MY money, yet i still have to pay the other state.

i CRIED AT WORK. i'm so incredibly pissed at myself. this affects not only me, but my husband, who didn't even KNOW ME THEN.

i hate this. i pretty much hate me today.

Monday, March 16, 2009


this is the reason i can officially no longer wear my wedding rings:
only 16 weeks to go, bean!

Friday, March 13, 2009

latest additions to the ipod

just thought i'd share my completely SCHIZO taste in music...
  • heartless ~ kanye west
  • circus ~ brit brit
  • lucky ~ jason mraz & colbie caillat
  • love lockdown ~ kanye west
  • don't stop believing ~ journey
  • lovers in japan ~ coldplay
  • dead and gone ~ t.i. featuring justin timberlake (aka my secret lovah)
  • you're not sorry (csi remix) ~ TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT
  • how do you sleep ~ jesse mccartney (also: shutee)
  • thinking of you ~ katy perry
  • untouched ~ the veronicas
  • come on get higher ~ matt nathanson
  • i will be ~ leona lewis (WHICH MAKES ME CRY THINKING OF MY HUSBAND)

seriously, is this list cause for medical intervention????

omg. ps, if you watched the game, this isn't really a good recap.

i cannot believe i stayed up last night. for those of you who don't know, i attended the university of connecticut (14 thousand years ago). i am OBSESSED (like many, SMART people) with uconn basketball.

you may have heard from time to time that my huskies are GOOD. they were ranked number one in the country twice this season, even though our best defender has been OUT with a torn miniscus for about two months.

well, last night was the quarter finals in the big east tournament. and they played syracuse. WHO IS MY EVEREST.

i love these match ups. i love the rivalry. i do. but what i don't love is that tip off was at 9:35 IN THE NIGHT TIME. come on, people. i am growing a human. i need SLEEP.

but no, i stayed up. i figure, eh, late night. i'll get to bed around 11:30. around 11:45 the game ends up going into overtime.

and double overtime.

and TRIPLE overtime.


IT GOES INTO A TOTAL OF SIX OVERTIMES. everyone's fouling out on both sides. people i've never HEARD of are coming in. my guys poop out and LOSE TO FUCKING SYRACUSE AT 1:15 (approximately) IN THE MORNING.

i am delirious today. i'm too fucking exhausted to even be very sad about it. but, SIDE NOTE (this is for you, swistle!!): i had NO IDEA how active the baby is in the middle of the night. does this mimic what will be in store for me in a few months? do the sleep/active cycles follow the pattern they have in utero? I AM IN TROUBLE, IF SO. because it was SOLID FUCKING GOLD in there last night.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

here i am! a month later!

so i'm trying to find stuff that's not baby-related to post about, but there isn't anything, so whatever. here goes.

yesterday i took one of our cats to the vet (simon) because he HAS A DRINKING PROBLEM. he needs cat aa. HAAHHAHAHA. nobody else thinks that's funny? just me? hormones.

anyway, he's been downing an entire bowl of water HIMSELF per day for about 10 days so finally i decided that's PROBABLY a problem. so, i brought him in and $217 later, i have no answers. yet.

they took blood (and BONUS: clipped his talons!) and we should know more friday. apparently the front runners are: diabetes, kidney failure and thyroid issues. the vet didn't think it was his thyroid (i don't remember why) but his left kidney felt large and in charge, so maybe that's it.

i almost CRIED at the thought of him dying. he's 11 and he was my mom's cat, but CRYING??? yeah again? hormones.

OK, so yeah, that ended quickly because when we got home, he tried to MURDER ME in revenge for the vet visit. HELLO, I'M TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE, FUCKER.

i got up from the couch and he darted out from under the coffee table (PERFECTLY TIMED AND SO ON PURPOSE) and i instinctively tried to dodge him and forgot that i weigh 247 times my normal weight and lost my balance. and fell into our sharp, SLATE fireplace.

luckily, i remembered mid-fall that hello, I AM PREGNANT, and turned enough that instead of falling stomach first into the edge of the fireplace, i landed right hip first and caught the rest of myself with my right hand. i'm telling you, EVERY OUNCE OF LOVE FOR THAT CAT DIED IN THAT MOMENT.

it's back now, but holy shit did that hurt.

anyway, see? everything revolves around the baby. no wonder the cat hates me.