Thursday, February 26, 2009

i'm so mean

but this picture is HILARIOUS. my sister just sent me this picture of hunter at the dentist. HAHAHAHAHA


OMG. one of my favorite blogs is suddenly FORBIDDEN AT WORK!!!!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

warning: i'm pregnant and this is SAPPY

i keep a baby blog separately from this blog -- which i update ALLTHETIME because i'm obsessed and i don't want to bog down this blog with every little thing. hence this blog being a bit neglected.

well, i'm feeling VERY EMOTIONAL today (shut it). so much so that i want to post this here, too. and once you read it, i'm sure you'll be glad i don't bombard you with this kind of baby stuff all the time. ;)

21 weeks and that's all that matters
i'm having a shit time at work lately. and i've gotten so upset about it... like ridiculously upset. and then, with one little kick from within, i realized what a waste of time and energy that was.

how in the WORLD can i be upset over work? i am insanely grateful and BEYOND blessed to be kicked day and night by my little bean, who is now almost a pound and almost a foot long. my bean, with a strong, beating heart. proving to me every day that miracles do exist and i can't believe my good luck that i get to experience one.

those kicks humble me because somewhere, someone thinks i am WORTHY of carrying this living miracle. that i am capable of bringing that life into this world.

i don't care how awful my job is, i am lucky to have one. i have an amazing husband who will be an even more amazing father. i have a safe, (somewhat drafty) home, incredible friends and family and i'm 19 short weeks away (god willing) from being a mother. A MOTHER. i intend to savor every single kick and be grateful for every moment i am lucky enough to have.

that is what counts. i love you, bean. thank you for your constant reminders. i can't wait to kiss the toes on those kicky little feet. i promise, with everything that i have, that i will be the best mother i can be to you.

AND, per president obama, i promise i won't let you drop out of high school. ;)

Monday, February 09, 2009

guess whoooooo

we got to see on friday???


friday was our BIG ultrasound... and nope, we did NOT find out the sex. does anyone have a guess based on this delightful, chubby cheeked picture of my AWESOME CHILD????

little bean is a peanut. 27th percentile for growth, but the dr said that's totally normal at this point (i was 18w2d on friday). i have to go back in 5 weeks because due to the baby's position (basically back to my belly) they couldn't get a very good look at the heart (though it was whooshing away at 157 bpm, if THAT influences your guesses at all!) or the umbilical cord.

i am ADDICTED to ultrasounds. they asked me all "we'd reaaaally like it if you could come back..." like i'd say NO?!?!?! hi, i'll come back every week if you want! tom cruise, i am TOTALLY with you on this one!