Thursday, March 15, 2012


anyone still have this thing in their reader? yeah, i didn't think so. it's ok. i'll just write my first post in nine months to myself.

you know.

at 12:28am. when BOTH of my children are asleep so I SHOULD BE, TOO. because yeah. they don't do that much. remember that post way, long ago where i said audrey was a good sleeper? oh, ha, ha, HA. ten months old as of two days ago and still wakes anywhere between one and four times a night. no, i don't nurse. no, i don't find it amusing however common it might be.

my older kid slept through the night (and i mean REALLY slept, like 11 hours) from ten weeks on. i am still in denial over this shit. and yet. here i sit. ON THE COMPUTER. instead of sleeping for ten minutes.

like ten minutes is going to refresh me. anyway. welcome back to me. i don't even have any pictures because i post every damn thing to facebook and you know what? i blame my iphone. it's too easy. sorry, fb.

you know what else? the last time i posted audrey weighed nine pounds. hee! she weighed 21lb 5oz at her nine month check up. NOM.