Monday, October 29, 2007

yeah, sox! and a full 5 days before the wedding!

warning: there may be rambling and evidence of a psychotic break on this blog in the next few days.

don't you DARE say i didn't warn you. and the appropriate response to ALL aforementioned ramblings is: "FUCK 'EM!"

that is all.

Friday, October 26, 2007

let the madness begin

ok, it's close enough to the wedding that some asshole said "oooh your 10 day forecast is up!" I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. but of course i checked and so far, so good. for those of you not in the northeast, it's been crazily warm (holla back global warming!) this fall -- like in the 70-80 range. of course, on my wedding day, one week from now, "they" are predicting a high of 46. hold up... what!? but whatever. checking the forecast is just not a productive use of my time. or sanity. my sister has strep throat. i have my doctor on stand-by with a bad-ass antibiotic prescription and in the meantime, i've left some antioxidant tea on her doorstep and i'm pumping myself full of airborne (the orange isn't so bad! thank you, second grade teacher/inventor!) and vitamin c pills.

i'm also obsessed with foliage reports. because, if the weather is decent, we'd like to get some outside pictures. i know you are all DYING for a chart, so here you go:

yes, i'm stone cold crazy.
ok, as you'll see illustrated above, we are in FULL ON PEAK SEASON. do you think it will last a week? maybe, but just in case, i've booked the atrium at city hall in hartford as a back up. because yes, i am that anal.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

single digits, people.

the wedding is in NINE days. game 1 of the series is tonight.

cue: emotional breakdown.

in other news, tom has worked REALLY hard to turn my nephew into a sox fan. not that he was a fan of any other baseball team when he moved here at the age of 4, but tom insisted that we train him young. ok, fine. well, at first, hunter thought it would be HILARIOUS to shout "YANKEES RULE!" just to send tom into convulsions. i thought it was funny. he was clearly just saying it to get a reaction, but tom was very serious. "this is how it starts, stephanie."
after almost two years of red sox caps and tee shirts and tee ball, hunter has decided that he wants to be big papi when he grows up.
he came home from school the other day and said to tom, "i learned a new song." ok, please, sing, dear child...
"red sox rule, red sox rule. red sox go to college while yankees go to baby school!"
i said, "hunter, that is a teasing song," but i saw a small tear of joy forming in the corner of tom's eye.

mission accomplished.
sox and husky fans unite!

Monday, October 22, 2007

love that dirty water...

especially since game 7 would be on 11/1. I'M SAFE!

also, i think i might love papelbon, a bit:

Friday, October 19, 2007

This is my view of the game. under the bleachers with hot chocolate because It's FUCKING POURING

my head hurts

it's a big weekend, my friends. i don't mean big necessarily as in MOMENTOUS, but more along the lines of packed. like sardines-type packed.
tonight is the uconn homecoming game against louisville. things that COULD make this a more fun night include: less assinine weather, earlier start-time, better parking and the whole day off from work.
my hair, dudes. i'm seriously teetering on the edge of marge simpson hair. it's overcast, yet disgustingly humid. add the impending thunderstorm and some seven layer dip and we've got a par-tay!
it also begins tom's Bachelor Party Weekend. i have a sneaking suspicion there will be several shots involved in the tailgating portion of our evening. i have my second fitting tomorrow, so i have to say no thank you to basically the BEST PART of tailgating... beer and food. so. tomorrow.

  • meeting at reception hall at 9am
  • eye doctor appointment at 10:45am (did i tell you about my DOUBLE EYE INFECTION? no? oh that'll be tomorrow's post)
  • meeting jen at the apartment at noon for lunch (hahahahah lunch. yeah right.)
  • fitting at 1pm

i think after that, i might pass out. but then we have a bunch of other last-minute wedding stuff to do. and i also have to bring the cd w/ the picture of my parents to cvs to print out the teeny locket-sized picture of them to put in my bouquet charm thing for the wedding. i guess the florist needs it or something. it's not like the wedding's in two weeks or anything. oh wait. shit.

Monday, October 15, 2007


suck it, cleveland.

(eta... i mean the baseball team, not the city.)


a sox fan who is hoping they make it to and win the world series, but swift-like. like preferably waaaay before even november 1.

now for my next-in-line favorite commercial

i've already pledged my love to mcnuggets, so here's this month's fave:

..if you don't like it? y'all must be crazy.

Friday, October 12, 2007

baseball fans?

ummm what are the chances that say, a game 7 of the world series could be taking place on my WEDDING DAY?
someone please assure me that the chances are approximately (if not definitely) zero. i'm not saying that a certain scrappy team from the northeast will be in it; i would never project, but i'm simply wondering in general. as a concerned bride. i got a lotta fans in my wedding party. a lot.

i wonder how god would feel about plasma screen tvs at church?

open letter to mother nature

who the hell do you think you are brewing up a thunder storm DURING THE OFFICE???

Thursday, October 11, 2007

seasons change

finally!!! it's cooler out. but it's also sucky out. and yes, i bitch a lot. get over it. ok, i'm sorry. i haven't had much caffeine today yet. but seriously, it's like doomsday out there. all gray and misty. and also? apparently when the highway is even almost moist (ew.) all hell breaks loose and people bust out their chains and snow tires. COME THE F ON. it's not like we aren't used to changing weather here, people. relax one time.
we got a coffee grinder at the shower and i'm scared of it. i seriously am afraid it'll grind my fingers or something equally ridiculous. yet, i want freshly ground coffee. what to do?
ok, on to wedding news. hahahahahha you seriously thought i'd get through an entire post without mentioning the wedding (which, btw, is 22 days away)??? oh, naive reader. anyway!
my sister and i made 50 of our 80ish placecard holders last night. they are wine corks laid out the long way, with a groove cut out for the card to sit in and a penny glued to the bottom to keep the cork from rolling. ok, when you write it out like that it sounds like a first grade project (minus the super glue and sharp knife necessary to create said project), but they are cute.
hey, i have a question... do i make a card for every individual guest? or can i put couples on one card? melanie and i are leaning toward one per couple. don't worry, i have a favor for every single guest (i'm not THAT cheap. well, almost.) let me know what you think.
what else, what else? oh yes, our non-responders are down to 8. tomorrow their wedding fates are decided BY ME if they don't get back to me on their own by then.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

if you can't realize that this is awesome?

then you need awesome lessons.
my shower was yesterday and omg. it was SO FREAKING AWESOME. this picture pretty much sums up the day:
my awesome shower hat
the girls had it at the wood'n tap in a private room. with a BAR. complete with bartender. do they know me or what??? it was so much FUN.
and look. even my mom and dad showed up. melanie got this little tiny picture of them from a photo booth on their honeymoon in cape cod -- in 1974, blown up and placed it on the mantle at the shower. so fucking awesome.
my cutie parents
and the best part is? people said i look like my mom. oh mom, i HOPE you heard that. my whole life everyone always said i look just like my dad. she would be DELIGHTED to hear otherwise. she, afterall, DID do all the hard work. :)
oh and also? they played the best shower music ever. a little beastie boys, a little humpty dance... hunter and i practiced our auntie/nephew dance to talk dirty to me. (no, pervs, we're not dancing to that at the wedding. we're dancing to you've got a friend in me.)
getcha groove on, child.
this day was definitely in my top 10 of best days ever.
thank you, Bridal Crew. you completely ROCK.
me and mah bitches

Friday, October 05, 2007

damn work "rules"

so the only computer i have is my work laptop. and they won't let me install ANYTHING on it. not even my home printer, let alone my camera software. install it on tom's laptop, you say? ok, i know this joke is lame by now but seriously? the commodore 64 is faster. no wait, hunter's spiderman FAKE laptop is faster. sorry, tom.
so there are various reasons this sucks, but the most recent is i had my hair and makeup trial last night. and my pretty pictures are going to live on my camera for life. (or until we break down and buy a desktop for me for home.)
in other news, i definitely will NOT be eating any sort of shrimp. here we are, two days past the deadline and 18 non-responders. i've decided to wait until monday to release the hounds.
tomorrow is my shower. i'll take lots of pictures that i can't share with you. i'm sure you're looking forward to it!
and speaking of the shower... what the hell do i wear? i know it's october and i live in new england, so you would THINK that means it's getting cold. au contraire. it's like i live in TEXAS since yesterday was like 80 degrees and today is supposed to be warmer. wtf?! do i wear a f'ing sundress??? WHATEVER.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

is this thing on?

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007
come out, come out, wherever you are!! i know it's dreadfully boring to listen to me ramble about the wedding. it's almost over. i promise!


hmmm... i may actually have to eat the shrimp. we got 15 responses yesterday!! and i heard from some people via email that cards are On The Way, so that's also awesome. waiting on 29 absolute question marks. (of those, 11 are my family members.) in absolute amazing news, frank (my Former Step Father), is making the trip from nebraska, which rocks. woo! hoo! i wonder if he'll dance around like a fool like he did at his wedding to my mom. hahahahaah oh god that was funny. i do recall us all dancing the conga to "come on ride the train" -- ah, good times.

30 days to go, people.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


ok, so our response deadline for the wedding is tomorrow. can i just throw it out there that MOST of my family hasn't even responded? i am pretty much assuming it means none of them are coming, which is pretty much expected, but hi, AT LEAST TELL ME. if you can't be bothered to check "decline" and throw the pre-stamped postcard (you don't even have to seal an envelope -- IT'S THAT EASY!) in the mailbox, just call me, email me, send a smoke signal -- carrier pigeon, SOMETHING.

ok, fine. maybe i'll have 32 response cards waiting in my mailbox tonight. maybe. but i DOUBT IT.

if i do get all of them by tomorrow, i'll eat shrimp. (i hate shrimp.) THAT is how confident i am that we'll have to make phone calls. i guess this happens to everyone but it still sucks and it's my wedding so i can bitch if i want to. bitch if i want to................