Thursday, September 28, 2006

are you KIDDING ME?!?!?!

i am sorry christine — you may have to avert your eyes, but i hate comcast right now. my dvr cut off grey's RIGHT at the very end. and anyone who didn't see tonight's episode, please avert YOUR eyes, but RIGHT when mcsteamy was coming out of the bathroom all nekkid!! that's it. i barely got that and no SCENES FROM NEXT WEEK. luckily, i know it's on again tomorrow night, so i'll watch again. mwah ha ha. ok, i feel better now.

the office was so good tonight. i love that jim transferred to stamford. i love jim. i used to love stamford. AND the bus was on tonight! i love him, too. even though i'm not particularly a fan of the steelers. i do love the bus. look at me, knowing even an ounce of football knowledge. who am i?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

decorating cents?

so i am really tired of our boring blah bedroom decor. i don't know what i was thinking buying a tan (striped, but still. the stripes are just darker tan) duvet cover. the dust ruffle (yes, i need one because i store a bunch of useless crap under the bed) is a chocolate brown, which i actually like, but our walls are white (and we can't paint) and our carpet is tan and we have no curtains -- just blinds. BORING. oh and let's not forget the lone print in our room -- black and white. which looked great in my copper living room at my old place, but here, in the land of blah? not so much.


i'm inspired to create a fabric headboard and matching curtains. but, here are the tools i lack:
  • a staple gun
  • good scissors
  • a tape measure
  • sewing machine (not nec. for the headboard, but nec. for the curtains)

so, if i can find a staple gun for a reasonable price, i'll definitely attempt the headboard. the fabric store down the street is going out of biz, so everything's like half price. but who knows... i get all excited and then never finish the project. we'll see.

i did frame a nice piece of hunter's artwork in the kitchen and it looks so cute. what a very cool and cheap way to spice up a spare room, bathroom or kitchen! yeah, i need to get out more. i know.

Monday, September 25, 2006

she's just so cute.

i can't stand it!!!

i'm just too tired to write more tonight, so i'm thinking i'll just jot down a list of things that have happened over the past week or few days. btw, can you believe it's almost OCTOBER!? erin's birthday is very soon. then halloween, then the slew of november birthdays. holy moses. it's practically the holidays. boo. i mean, i love the holidays, but i'm really apprehensive about the lack of mom. i will be missing her even more, if that's possible. ok, now without further ado, my list:

  • i loved the premiere of grey's. of course i cried. BOTH times i watched it.
  • sleeve is the best golfer tom's ever known
  • hunter hates his antibiotic, and thinks bats are scarier than phantoms
  • tom's dad got a kick ass tractor (aka lawn mower) that actually has a CUP HOLDER
  • we're finally getting a desk for me, yay!
  • there is a pazzo in rocky hill and it's so good.
  • la boca has wicked spicy salsa, but wicked good tequila
  • hunter loves his new karate class, as does melanie—heh
  • tom is sick and all phlegmy
  • you can download your own handwriting as a font!
  • i've officially added edward burns to my list. damn his model wife.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

this stinks.

i was told today that as of october 1, i'll have a new boss. i don't want a new boss; i like the boss i have. a lot. but whatever. i have new hair gel to make me shimmery and happy.

or something.

derek or finn? mcdreamy or mcvet? WHO WILL IT BE?!

i forgot to report back on the shows i watched monday night. the class was dumb. the acting? not so good, but i'll watch a couple more times if they don't pull it immediately. why? eh why not.

but studio 60 was AWESOME!! seriously. i loved every second of it. can't wait for next week. i may have a hetero-crush on amanda peet. just. sayin.

ok, now. onto the biggest event of my week: dinner with my friends and GREY'S PREMIERE!!!! although i had to turn off the finale last night when denny died. it's justt too much for me. i'm so lame. but i can't wait to watch tonight. i love that show.

ok, enough caps and nonsense. can i just tell you that last night i was chatting with hunter and he's kind of in an obsessed-with-death phase again. he asked me if i was going to die soon, was he, was my sister? and i said no, of course. because he's four. come ON. and he said when and i said when we are all really really old. and he goes, like in a thousand years? i said sure. so he (why didn't i see this coming?!) said, well why did memere die then because she wasn't anywhere near a thousand? i said she was sick and not very healthy, etc. so he goes, "you know, now that i think about it, i always saw her eating lollipops and i can't remember the last time i saw her eat a healthy dinner." so there you have it, folks. watch your lollipop consumption!!!

also, (can't stop rambling.) i got a fabulous new lamp at target for $11.50. that's right, clearance, baby!!! it looks like it's from pottery barn. holla!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

so big.

here are just a couple of pics from saturday's football game. tom and i both remarked how grown up hunter looked. it's crazy.
what's also crazy is that hunter wanted nothing to do with the hooters girls we ran into while tailgating. his reason? "they look like clowns. too much makeup."


Monday, September 18, 2006

ahhh fall tv!!

ok, so it's officially the beginning of fall tv!! thank god we have dvr, because now that i live with a fantasy footballer, the tv is just not mine anymore. nevermind that we have tv's in every room. i want THIS one. anyway. so, this is what i'm taping tonight:

the class: ok, it'll probably suck, but it's got andrea anders (from joey) and she's funny, so i'll give it a whirl.

studio 60 on the sunset strip: hi. like you didn't already know that i'd watch anything with matthew perry in it. but bonus that bradley whitford and amanda peet as well as several other hilarious people are also involved.

i'll let you know how it goes.

we'll miss you, sasha.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

sweaty mess


i can't even attempt to explain how freakin hot it was today at the football game. i'm talking mid 80s. i know, that doesn't sound so bad. and if it was july, i would perhaps have been DRESSED APPROPRIATELY. but alas, it's been chilly and rainy and so i (and hunter) had jeans on. luckily we layered enough that we did have tee shirts, and even more thankfully baseball hats to keep the sun off our faces, but it was disgusting. sopping wet sweaty jeans. sweltering sun beating on us for three hours. several bottles of water later, we were exhausted, cranky and uconn didn't even win.

but i did run into melissa brown, which was a really cool surprise since i haven't seen her in forever and brown isn't even her last name anymore, but of course i run into her when i look (and probably smell) like i live in a sewer and of course she looks lovely. how is that possible? she was sitting in the SAME SUN. hm.

tomorrow tom and i are going to kent falls and possibly hopkins vineyard. i've checked the forecast and know that it will be 85 degrees, so i will be prepaaaaared (are you ready to take the leeeeeeheeeeed?!).

Friday, September 15, 2006

but let's keep in mind...

that it's friday. i have to keep reminding myself because this is a rushed, busy, cranky day. it's 1:45pm already and i still need to publish an entire newsletter and submit it to the underlords for indexing. it's my nemesis at work and i will not utter it's name, but christine, if you are reading, YOU KNOW(tor).

also, we have company coming tonight, in addition to a hunter sleepover, so i cleaned the guest bathroom, did laundry and attempted to vacuum. (one c and two u's or the other way around? whatever.) So, i accidentally vacuumed up one of tom's socks. and it got stuck in the hose. so i unhooked the hose and tried to force the sock through with a golf club (sorry, tom) but it wouldn't budge! so i was faced with the reality that if i didn't get the sock out, the vacuum was history. i could try to cut the hose and pull the sock out, but there was a chance that i wouldn't be able to seal the cut afterwards, thus making the vacuum useless. what did i have to lose? it was possible death one way, but certain death the other. so i performed careful vacuum surgery and rescued the sock. then i got to the business of taping the hole shut. results: SUCCESS!!! but that took up a lot of my day.

i put on too much perfume and now i'm nauseating myself. i have to run out to pick up stuff to make a veggie plattter and dip for tomorrow and potato salad and mail a dvd that someone bought from us off ebay. and i need to leave for therapy at 4:15, then haul ass to get to kindercare from new haven by 6:30 or they lock hunter in for the weekend. or something.

it's a pizza night, my friends.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

ho hum.

god bless outback steakhouse. tonight we paid homage to the crocodile hunter.

sitting here in my jammies, watching a rerun of grey's anatomy, while my cats and my tom are asleep on the couch.
i love this show so much, but it always makes me cry! lately, someone's always dying or almost dying and making their family cry and the music is so sad.

ugh. i need wine.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i'm no marvin gardens!!!

i want to edit my bitch list to put this at the very top. Hasbro has released a new version of monopoly that needs to burn in hell.

i have a little puke in the back of my throat just thinking about the fact that they TOOK AWAY THE THIMBLE in favor of nonsense like a mini toyota prius or a razr!??!?!


what is up...

with it being 42 degrees this morning? it's september for cryin out loud. i'm not happy about that. it's on my bitch list today. hm, maybe tuesdays will be bitch list day. feel free to add your own bitch list in the comments. here's my first stab at it:

2) i drove for two hours and fifteen damned minutes to get here today and they CANCELLED THE MEETING.
3) the collar of my jacket won't stay down.
4) i keep saying the wrong thing.
5) my job stinks.
6) i need a manicure and i have neither the time nor money for one.
7) my job is awful.
8) dude, it's still like TWO WEEKS until lost premieres.
9) eh, i've lost steam.
10) i hate that i gave up on my list. whatever. shut up.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

until next time...

cottage 2006
excellent time at cottage weekend. sadly, we don't have a ton of pictures, but hopefully i can score a few more for here. there were several bud lights, coors lights and twisted teas consumed, along with several games of flip cup and beer pong. it was a little lopsided without bolt, but we powered through... even when we had a quick thunderstorm. don't think for a second that we didn't pick up the beer pong table and bring inside to play until the rain stopped, because we absolutely did. we also had abby back at the cottage this year for the afternoon along with kim and brian's soon-to-be second little one. picture of most adorable nickolenko to date (that is, until leon is born):

abby nickolenko

also? how awesome is erin's 2006 tee shirt?! big thanks to kinney for the awesome sketch. perfect for our celebramos (sp?!)!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

save a spot for me!

oh man... this just in: my friend brett has started blogging. i afro heart this idea. i know i shouldn't link to it because it will definitely be more entertaining than mine and i'll lose all four of my readers, but i can't hog it:

y'all come back now, y'hear?!

cottage weekend 2006!!

tonight begins the 6th annual cottage weekend. sadly, my camera is broken, so i may not have many pictures and even more sadly, bolt cannot make it. it's a travesty, really.
but, horseshoes, flipcup, beer pong and baseball fishing must go on!! have a great weekend!

cottage crew:

Thursday, September 07, 2006

aw .

i took my baby book home from one of the boxes we're storing at melanie's. my mother kept everything. it's really so funny. there are the baby pictures, a lock of hair from my first haircut, my wristband from the hospital, the note in the paper (where they spelled our last name wrong!!) and several cards i made her and lots of notes she wrote as me when i was little.

one of the most bad ass things i saw was a note from my kindergarten teacher, miss farrah. my mom must have torn into her over something on my report card, because this note says:

"Mrs. Donohue, I'm glad you're pleased with Stephanie's report card. Looking over it a second time, I did find a few mistakes that I have made. Stephanie does know her birthday. Also, the section that states 'count objects and select numerals' was purely an error. She deserves a plus and I assure you that I will check that box on her next report card. Thank you for calling these items to my attention."

GO MOM!!! and duh. anyone who knows me, knows i came out of the womb knowing my birthday. it's princess day!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

sixty pound kitten...

i don't know how jen did it, but she has transformed her giant, potentially frightening german shepherd into the biggest kitten ever. the picture above is of abby when she was just a baby last year, since the only picture i have from the weekend is a blurry camera shot, but she still looks like this, just 30 lbs bigger. she is a huge puffball of sweetness.

tom and i are going through withdrawal.

eta: jen just sent me a recent photo, so rather than swap it, i'm just adding it so you can see her transformation from tiny puffball of sweetness to ginormous puffball. and yes, those are the scientific terms.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


we took hunter to his first baseball game last night. new britain rock cats. YEAH BABY! a little chilly, but fun. so thank you, becky and the toms for my tom's lovely birthday gift. we even got fireworks out of the deal.

so i hope everyone has a great long weekend. we're leaving tomorrow morning for jen & mike's. finally!! we haven't been to visit them in OVER A YEAR. i am like the worst friend ever. i'm pretty excited for the visit, i gotta say. i see several shots in my very near future. shots and ping-pong.

eta... peapod came yesterday right on time and it was AWESOME! they also gave me a bunch of coupons which basically amounts to free delivery for the next five orders. um, tom? i'm never going to the grocery store again.

Friday, September 01, 2006

my new face.

whenever someone is pissing me off from now on, i am just going to hold up this picture. this was hunter's response to my millionth picture of him getting ready to board the bus on wednesday.

in other news, we went to the first uconn football game last night. the weather was perfect and the game was fun. though i spent most of it trying to figure out if the cheerleaders with the white bows were varsity or the ones with the red bows. turns out, it was white bows. thanks to heather for that new knowledge.

also, i am still waiting on peapod. they aren't late. they have an hour and a half to get here, i'm just so damned excited.

in OTHER news, since we went to the game, i dvr'ed the VMAs. just in case something cool happened. justin timberlake was awesome. i am NOT ashamed to admit i love him. but, of course i was not prepared for christina aguilera (chrissy ags). way to make a motherless girl weep. i downloaded it so i can listen to it on the way to therapy today and bawl my eyes out. some of the lyrics:

seems like it was yesterday that i saw your face.
you told me how proud you were, but i walked away.
if only i knew what i know today.
i would hold you in my arms. i would take the pain away,
thank you for all you've done, forgive all your mistakes.
there's nothing i wouldn't do to hear your voice again.
sometimes i wanna call you, but i know you won't be there.
i'm sorry for blaming you
for everything i just couldn't do.

it's so hard to say goodbye when it comes to this.
would you tell me i was wrong? would you help me understand?
are you looking down upon me? are you proud of who i am?

dude, they gotta warn a girl before they sing shit like this. MTV gets the hunter face for that one.