Wednesday, July 30, 2008

do my ears deceive me???

ok, is this actually JONATHAN KNIGHT with a lead vocal??? nkotb-ers... listen to this clip and tell me if you hear him. i think it's him! i think i'm in the VAST majority that favored jon.

ugh. i am so pissed i didn't get tickets. stupid home buying getting in the way of IMPORTANT LIFE EVENTS.

this just in: i accidentally put that link into a WORK WEB PAGE!! whoops. i don't think my work's target audience is really concerned with nkotb's new SONG! (i mean, they SHOULD be, but...)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what up, big perm?

look, i need help. in a SERIOUS way. my hair? NIGHTMARE. TOTAL NIGHTMARE.

once upon a time i had a fabulous hair dryer. i'm talkin' the Be All and End All. but... two weeks before my wedding, i DROPPED it and it busted.

i went to bbb and bought some two-bit $40 hair dryer and i've looked like a singed gerbil ever since.

let me break it down for yous... i have frizzy hair. WICKED frizzy. it's curly, but i straighten it every day and don't even start with the whole "oh it's frizzy because you color and straighten it and why can't you just be footloose and fancy free and natural" because THAT IS NOT HAPPENING. so get it out of your head. on occasion, i let it airdry. it doesn't help. it dries all wonky and looks like bed head (and not sexy bedhead) and dready and whilst i love me some dreadlocks, they just aren't MY best look. so i straighten. NOT WITH A IRON. i straighten with a lovely, giant round brush.

and i color. and that won't stop, either. i am thirty-three, people, and it's just necessary.

i've never had trouble with gross frizz nastiness POST hair dry until my beloved dryer broke, so i must assume that the new crap one is at least 85% at fault. the other 15% could be product-related. so i ask you this... what kind of hair dryer is THE BEST? i mean, THE ABSOLUTE BEST. i am willing to part with cash over this if it promises to work. also, what hair products do you use for STRAIGHTENING and DEFRIZZIFYING?

lay it on me. i'm a straight up MESS these days. every day with the pony tail/knot. every. single. day. and it's STILL frizzing out. ugh, i have to stop talking about it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

yeah vermont!

one of like 8 fish tom caught this week. i *think* this is a large mouth bass. i actually caught a small mouth. FAREEL! I CAUGHT A FISH!! we don't keep them. strictly catch and release. aaaaaaaaand, most of our vacay was a washout, but it was still pretty great. alas, we are home now so i will FINALLY and BELATEDLY (read: extra guilt gifts!!) send out the gifts to the VERY patient pickles&dimes! don't worry, shauna, it's not a mounted bass.

...OR IS IT!?!?

Friday, July 18, 2008

we have a winnah!!!

drumroll, pleeeeease! the winner of my very first contest in LIFE issssss: PICKLES & DIMES!!!! thanks to tessie, i used the super high-tech method of and got: #9. yay for shauna!!

shauna, you will be receiving an email from me ANY MOMENT to get your deets so i can send you your fabulous (and as of yet, UNKNOWN) treats!!

and with that? VACATION!

contest ends today!

at four o'clock, i think? then i will scour swistle's site (UNLESS SOMEONE WANTS TO TELL ME IN A COMMENT?!?!) to figure out how to use the random number generator to choose a winner and that is, quite frankly, a LOT of work for the friday before vacation.


also, do you see what not eating DOES TO ME?? what a BITCH i am. my co-workers are warning me not to get into a "slimfast rage" -- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

ps, you don't NEED to blog to enter the contest. i don't give a tiny rat's ass, becky. you are still entered, LIKE IT OR NOT. DAMN!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

pif amendment

i'm ending the contest on friday at 4pm. because i want to send out the present on saturday before i leave for vacation. YEAH VACATION!!!!!! we're going to vermont w/ tom's parents. ok, not WITH them, but we're meeting them there. ahhhhh no cell service and long days at the lake. (w/ wine, OBVS!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


no, no, no, NO!


ok fine, i'm in!

i could always use a little extra good ju ju, so i'm participating in swistle's pay it forward contest. i'm honestly not EXACTLY sure (hi, skimmer here) what the rules are supposed to be, but whatever.

here's the set-up:
  • i have a new front door.
  • i do not like the color it is currently painted.
  • for your reference: said door.

here's what you do:

  • decide what color YOU think we should paint the door.
  • let me know in the comments.
  • i'll randomly choose a comment (HOWEVER I WANT TO) and send you a prize!!!!
  • ETA: deadline for submitting guesses (comment so becky doesn't win by DEFAULT!) is friday, july 18 at 4pm eastern, suckers).

easy peasy, right?! ok, then, COMMENT AWAY!!

side note: happy birthday, tom!!! xoxo

Monday, July 14, 2008

flip mode

i'm flippin it on ya. i'm going to pull a fun fact MONDAY edition, since i have a lot of RANDOM stuff.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!

  • after all the cat madness, the vet didn't end up giving them softpaws. he said it's a lot of maintainence and that i should try feliway first. FINE. i had to order it, since they didn't have it in stock there. also? they want me to BRUSH the cats' TEETH. yeah, i'll get right on that, you loon.
  • we brought the cats over to the house friday night, thinking it would be less traumatic to move them before the movers came. we initially decided to keep them in the basement (it's semi-finished, RELAX!) but when simon jumped up INTO the ceiling due to exposed insulation down there, we had to re-think this option. so, they ended up in the office for the night. they have since taken full ownership of the entire house (minus the basement).
  • the move went well on saturday. the movers were like MAGICIANS or something because they were NOT big guys, yet one of them moved my loveseat BY HIMSELF. down TWO FLIGHTS of stairs. WTF!?
  • i can't figure out how to hook up my fucking cable. so listen, we "upgraded" to an lcd hang-on-the-wall thing, which is OBVS HD and OBVS nothing i've ever had before. so instead of hooking up my regularly scheduled dvr/digital cable/surround sound, i have this new fangled hdtv with an hdmi or whateverthehellit'scalled cable, and another red/blue/green cable and ANOTHER red/white/yellow cable, though the DIRECTIONS call for red/silver and WHAT THE HELL, i don't HAVE one of those, and also the actual cable. or COAXIAL as the geeks call it. whatever. it doesn't work. AND while i was able to hook up my cable modem, MY WIRELESS WON'T WORK. i'm so over technology.
  • i bought two hanging flowers for the deck and my husband ACTUALLY threatened me if i don't take care of them because they were expensive. YOU HAVE PROOF now if i end up missing. show the police this, please.
  • we got our new front loading lg washer/dryer and they are so space-age, i'm afraid to use them. i just turn them on and off and listen to the little song they play. again with the techno-phobia. (did i mention that i work on the WORLD WIDE WEB for a living? i really should be better at the tech shit. whatever.)
  • speaking of the internets, in a show of solidarity for one of my fave bloggers, erica, i'm going to join her fast. JOIN! JOIN!
  • what else? oh yeah, VACATION IN FIVE DAYS. hello, vermont wilderness.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

how crazy am i?


  • painting three bedrooms in two days
  • flying to denver for 5 days a week before moving
  • working two jobs the entire week before the move
  • packing an entire apartment at night in four days

aaaaand the kicker? bringing BOTH cats to the vet two nights before moving day. those bastards claw the shit out of everything INCLUDING my WALLS, so we're having nail caps put on their front claws tonight. you TECHNICALLY can do this yourself, but i value my life so i'm having the vet do it. relax, peta freaks, it's NOT GOING TO HURT THEM.

i just hope it doesn't take 40 hours to get them done tonight because hi, i have SHIT TO DO (see above).

also, what color caps should we get? simon is a boy and keli is a girl. if it helps, he is an annoying, clingy, lovable mush and she is a straight up bitch. CHOOSE!

ETA: they are NOT to make the cats LOOK better, because i clearly don't care about that. it's so they don't rip my new house to shreds.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

i'm baaaack

well, i have been back since monday morning at two AM! i am taking a quick break from packing to say KILL ME NOW.

denver was great. it's really as beautiful as on tv. well, technically i was in winter park. get off my ass, i'll post pics as soon as i dig out of the boxes.

...which won't be until next CHRISTMAS.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

hot, sweaty mess

ugh, you guys. i have my very own tuesday rant and rave:

rave: i just found two AWESOME accent chairs for my living room at MARSHALL'S of all places for $40 APIECE!

rant: ok, i drive a honda civic, so you can imagine it took some houdini-ing to get those bastids in there. it's also upwards of 90 degrees outside. my a/c is also, coincidentally, BROKEN.

i had to come back to work. i SWEAT THROUGH MY SHIRT.

luckily, i stopped at old navy and picked up a cutie-pie navy sleeveless button-down to change into, but still. gross. what does it look like? oh i'd show you, but there ISN'T A PICTURE ON THE DAMN WEBSITE.

AND ANOTHER THING! i took a picture of the super-terrific chairs and my phone WON'T LET ME SEND IT. fucker.

ETA: HERE IT IS! (i bought two.)

i was a total pain in the ass, but wicked cheap and thus, worth it!