Tuesday, December 26, 2006

happy holidays, one and all!

sorry i didn't write yesterday! we actually had a very low key and wonderful day. but let's back up and recap the entire whirlwind weekend! saturday was our christmas party... who knew we would end up with such a large guest list! i hope everyone who attended had a good time and we apologize we didn't have a bigger space! it was great to catch up with old friends, make some new ones, see how much everyone's little ones have grown and meet the newest additions to families! sunday we slept in, got a little sad news (love you, pete) cleaned up the house, did last minute shopping, wrapping and hunter and i visited the cemetery to deliver christmas flowers and cookies to my parents. he is just a little angel sometimes. then we had dinner and opened gifts at melanie's and prepared for santa!!! yesterday morning, tom and i exchanged gifts at home and then mel, hunter and i met him at his family's for dinner and more gifts. we are so spoiled. aside from all of us having a cold of one sort or another, it was a great, great christmas.

Friday, December 22, 2006

i'm so tired.

i waited too long to get ready for the party. here's the status of the apartment... the spare bedroom is almost ready for kids to play in it. that's about it. i have to vacuum the rest of the apartment, mop the kitchen, and make some food. oh wait, i did wrap most of my presents and clean the laundry room, including the cat box. i'm so tired, but brownies and peppermint bark are beckoning. and maybe a coors light. nighty night!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

mr. t

ladies and gentlemen, please meet my new friend tyler andrew giudice:
baby ty!

at first i thought he was a mini-collin, but after taking off his little hat and seeing all his dark brown (with copper highlights. i'm not kidding. i pay big money for those.) hair, i decided he's his own man. can't wait till he wakes up a little more so we can hang out.

the mystery is over!

more to come, because i was dead asleep when i spoke to jan last night, but the wait is over! baby giudice is here!! collin now has a baby brother, tyler andrew ("ty" to all his new peeps, y'all) and i am going over to meet him this afternoon. i will post pictures and all the particulars of his arrival when i get back.

i'm SO excited he's finally here (but probably not as excited as his parents, ha ha)... so congratulations to jim, jan and collin on their newest little boy. jan, the playing field is almost even... you, cody, aja and rilee vs. jim, collin and ty. although, jim might have the advantage since your girls are pets, not people.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

oldie but goodie.

these are about two years old...

woo hoo! christmas came early!

dudes, check it out... you can now subscribe to my amazing and hilarious blog!

i know! just what you alllllways wanted!

also, what is UP? it's 8:53a.m. and i have already: made coffee (whatever), posted thrice, started dinner (pot roast), fed the cats, run three miles (treadmill) AND emptied the dishwasher. ok, i'm ready for bed. night.


mel and mr. chaunce
i had to steal this blog post from my sister. it's just so funny and SO melanie...
so the last couple of weeks poor chauncey has gotten neglected. on top of the fact that i fight with him all the time about going in my bed, which is his favorite thing, hunter and i have been coming right home and going right to bed after work because we were both sick...chauncey didn't like it...then we started christmas shopping so this whole weekend i was in and out, and he got no love....so last night he decided he was hungry for some cat treats, went into my cabinet and ate a hole in the bottom of the bag...cat treats from one end of my little house to the other...chauncey just meandering about eating a treat every couple of steps...oh, life is wonderful =-)
oh mister chaunce.

Monday, December 18, 2006

the countdown is on.

i'm kind of sad. christmas is in a week. then it's over. i love christmas and i don't want to take down the decorations or the tree. ever. tom promised we could keep them up until new year's day, but i fear i may cry. well i cry all the time, so whatever.
so, we discovered last night that if you are ever in doubt for gifts, GO TO WALGREENS! we (and by we, i mean tom) got a ton of gift cards for his co-workers and some other VIPs from every imaginable store. they have every dollar amount for places like amex, omaha steaks, pier one, b&n, outback steakhouse, on the border, bass fishing pro shop, -- seriously dudes, like EVERYWHERE. so cool. and it makes wrapping a snap. ahhh! we did get a bunch of actual gifts to be wrapped. and i'm out of ribbon, so back to joann's i go! i think one hunter meigs donohue is going to be a very pleased little boy this christmas morning. he'll have scads of gifts everywhere he goes! it's so easy to shop for him, even when you're "done" because it's just fun to buy stuff. we almost bought him the clapper last night because the other day he said he wanted to make it easier for his mom at bedtime. SO CUTE. and where can one buy the clapper? walgreens, of course!

Friday, December 15, 2006

i know.

the blog is messed up. bear with me. i'm working on it. for now, though, it's christmas shoppin time.


hahaha ok so...

i know the video below is sucky but cut me some slack. my camera phone is not exactly a camcorder. though now that i know my youtube movies will work, i may post some old classic movies of hunter when he was little "dey was nice and dey was not poopin babays!" heh.

happy holidays!

ok, i'm not sure if this will work, but here goes:

this is hunter strumming on his paper guitar to the tune of jingle bells. enjoy!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

ok, help.

what do i get tom for christmas? feel free to email me directly if you have a super cool idea, but he doesn't read this all that often, so comment away!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

what a blur!

let's see. i have like an entire week to recap. i don't think much happened wednesday, but thursday was tom's xmas party for work, so i took the train into westport and we headed over to south norwalk... his party was at the loft! hello memories. so i met a bunch of the people i hear about all the time and it was fun. the food was great and the martinis were free. yay!
friday i didn't do much... i did watch tom's soccer game which was hilarious. hilarious. that's all i'll say.
saturday we loaded up the jeep and headed to long island for kyle's christening. i have a picture of tom (the godfather!) holding him at church, so i'll upload that. church was freeeeezing, but dinner was good. notice a theme here? i'm loving all the free food lately. ha. which leads me to yesterday. joan's annual latke fest.
i have to say, the latkes weren't as good as last year, but the brisket was awesome. on our way home, we drove through ridgefield, etc. and admired all the big houses and their christmas lights. then we got home, finally, to two angry cats and some puke on the kitchen floor. oh yeah, speaking of puke, kyle puked on tom's shoulder at dinner saturday night. ahhh formula puke. so gross.
one last thing, congratulations to brett and emily! new homeowners and just in time for christmas! get to deckin those halls, kid!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

rootin' tootin' christmas, y'all!

ok, look at me! two posts in one day. but trust me. TRUST ME. this is worth it. so i just received this email from jen. (reprinted with permission.) i have to share:

so we had our holiday party on sunday. an early dinner at a nice restaurant in Hampton Beach. drinks, apps, dinner buffet...sounds fine, right?
well, then a cowboy named Pebble Hardpiece comes running into the room, screaming "YEEEEEE HAAAWWWWW!"...and so begins the country-western themed, murder mystery dinner theater. i won't go into all the details, but i will tell you that i was briefly held captive by a love-crazed Mexican named Lorenzo. who actually looked a little like Brett but with brown face paint and a sword.

how was your weekend?

i'm so not even kidding you. this is so funny, i almost (ALMOST) don't miss my tree anymore. but i still do. a little. ok, a lot.

i don't even remember

the last thing i wrote here. i didn't go to the site first to check my blog before posting today. i just realized i hadn't written in like days, dudes, so here i am! to save the day! or not. maybe rather to complain about work. work sucks. ok, done with that. i miss my christmas tree. i'm in valhalla today and my tree is in middletown. that makes me sad. anyway.
yesterday tom picked up his new ride. i have serious car envy. my jalopy stinks, man. we are going to buy groceries tonight and utilize the magnificent abyss that is the back of the jeep. it's so big. i mean, it's not a tank, but compared to my civic, the grand cherokee is enormous. and i can already picture my little german shorthair pointer, sammy, wagging her little tail at me from the way back. she's imaginary right now, but someday maybe she'll be real. but she can't be real until i have a real backyard for her to run around in all day. now that i think about it, a lot of my life is imaginary right now. which could either be determined as depressing or terribly exciting. i'm going to opt for exciting. the best is yet to come!
i still miss my tree, though.

Friday, December 01, 2006


today i'm annoyed. and it's december which equals christmas so i do NOT want to be annoyed. thus, i may go to the christmas tree shop to conquer the annoyingness. though, that may only infuriate me further. i'm sure it'll be packed. we'll see. i don't know if i'll have time since i have to see J today at 3pm. i didn't see her last week because of the holiday. maybe i'll just yell at her for an hour. who knows.
i'm pretty angry with abc. they pulled the nine out from under me just like that. no warning, no trying a different time slot or night, just pulled it. i'm so pissed. i really LIKE that show. it's like party of five all over again, when they first started, it got pulled for poor ratings and we, the viewers, had to rally and send a zillion emails (well, i don't think i emailed much in 92 or whatever) so they'd put it back on the air. scott wolf, you are the common thread here... get this show back on. i miss it. this is my grown up christmas wiiiiiish. haha not world peace or anything. my wish is to have a tv show put back on the air. i'm ridiculous.
also, tom, ily.