Saturday, January 31, 2009

new etsy store!!

here is a shameless plug for my AWESOME friend jen's AWESOME new etsy store!!

she makes the cutest jewelry. she is also wikkid crafty and it sort of makes me a tiny bit sick from jealousy because i am the total opposite.

for example, SHE MADE A HEADBOARD FOR ME. FROM SCRATCH. as in, loaded up her suv with sawhorses, electric sander, saw, electric drill and shit and DROVE from NH to CT, took me to home depot to buy all the other crap, then to a fabric store to buy OTHER crap, then BUILT A HEADBOARD IN MY LIVING ROOM.

seriously. check out her shop. she kicks ass.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


obviously you all have heard about the woman who gave birth to octuplets at 30 weeks. it's insane the misinformation and judgement (read: BULLSHIT) out there regarding fertility treatments.

i could launch into a diatribe about this, but after reading a fellow infertility sufferer cover this SO RIGHT ON in her blog, i will just link to her take on this.

if you aren't very familiar w/ treatments for infertility, i encourage you to read this (read: DO IT AND PASS IT ON).

that way, the octuplet parents and john & kates of this world will stop being what we're compared to. because they are the EXCEPTION to the rule. and we (and consequently, our children) won't be the punchline of insensitive and ignorant jokes. ok, i'm starting to get going about this and i said i'd leave it to busted, so i will.

::deep breaths::

Monday, January 26, 2009

what was important to you?

ok, i KNOW there are SOME moms who read this. probably not many because i'm the shittiest blogger alive, but help a sista out, if you will.

tom and i are visiting a daycare on thursday and i wanna know... EVERYTHING.

as in, what stood out for YOU in the daycare you decided to go with? what did you hate? what did you ask? did you have to LOVE the teachers? what was the teacher to infant ratio (if your kid went as an infant. mine will be 3 months when it (hahaah it) goes.)?

anything that you thought you wouldn't give a tiny rat's ass about but did? vice versa? any sort of help would be appreciated.

though i must admit, this place would have to be ON FIRE for us not to use it, since it's on-site at my work and we get a huge discount.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

cute overload

so i got a teeny box in the mail yesterday from babygap. AHHHHHH!! i have NOT ordered anything from babygap. (tom, i swear!!)

i opened it up and there was a teeny ADORABLY gift-wrapped box with an ADORABLE grosgrain ribbon around it. hi, i LOVE BABY STUFF!!!!!

inside was this delightful gift from my delightful friend, christine, wishing the bean and i happy 2nd trimester:

dying of cuteness
HOW CUTE IS THIS? thanks, christine. i love it! ps? holla back at me... 16 weeks today!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

so hungry

i keep snacking today and NOTHING is satiating the hunger. i had mac n cheese for lunch. SHUT UP, THAT IS WHAT THE BABY WANTED. i've since had 2 soups at hand and a cheese stick and i'm still hungry.

i don't want to even think about dinner because i want to just EAT EVERYTHING. and i don't want to cook. i just want to EAT.


edited to add to the list: hint of lime tostitos. still hungry.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

only this shit happens to me

OK, so we go to bed last night... I wake up 839457893845 times to pee. As usual. We have been sleeping with our door open lately to help circulate the heat better.

So I hear a noise that sounds like something hitting glass. Not breaking it, but hitting it. So I ask Tom if he heard it. He tells me I'm not allowed to watch CSI anymore and go back to sleep. I get up and shut the bedroom door, because obviously every little noise is waking me. He gets up five minutes later to investigate and is out of the room for a second and our ADT alarm goes off.

I yell, "Was that you?" He runs back in the room..."NO." He shuts and locks our door, grabs the wooden baseball bat and tells me to go into the master bathroom. I FREAK. The alarm is still going off. I'm WAITING for ADT to call, they're supposed to call within a minute of it going off. I pick up our house phone and it's dead. CUE: EVERY EPISODE OF CRIMINAL MINDS/CSI I HAVE EVER WATCHED. there are NO good possible outcomes here.

Tom grabs my cell phone and calls 911. While he's on the phone with them our house phone rings. I pick it up and it's ADT. They ask if we're ok and I say I DON'T KNOW.

Did you set off your alarm?
AT ONE FIFTEEN IN THE MORNING? NO. (It's still going off btw).

They say we'll send the police. I tell them my husband is on the cell with them since they didn't call right away (asshole!). They say they've been very busy because several alarms have gone off due to the extreme cold. I ask what alarm was triggered and they say the upstairs slider. I say thanks, they reset it and I hang up.

Tom tells the police that he was upstairs when the alarm went off and didn't see anything at that door, but they say stay put anyway and we're coming. Luckily, they were here in like THREE minutes. They do a walk around and come to the door. Tom is in his Coors Light pajama pants, holding the baseball bat.

The cop says the house looks secure and looks at the bat, "Is that your weapon??" NICE, DUDE. WAY TO MAKE FUN OF OUR TERROR.

So, it seems it was just a malfunction due to the weather, but we realized if there had been an emergency (it would go off if the fire alarm detected smoke or if the carbon monoxide dectector sensed anything either) that we have no way to exit the house from there. We need to get a rope ladder for the bedroom window. We could probably jump to our front walk, but if I did that now, well, I'm pregnant and they probably FROWN ON THAT, and I certainly couldn't THROW a baby out the freaking window if it happened in six months.

ANYWAY, GET THIS. the police left us a scolding note in our mailbox about false alarms. And how next time it could LENGTHEN THEIR RESPONSE TIME.


Monday, January 12, 2009

didn't we just move in?

i feel like we did, since the house is still SO unfinished. how am i just noticing this now? we've owned it since june. so what, seven months? we JUST got an area rug for the upstairs living room. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. it's like grown ups live there now! and also? god DAMN those things are expensive!

we still need curtains for the sliders up there. yeah, seven months of NO COVERAGE there. i watch pretty much every crime show known to man and even though this room is on the second floor (with a deck outside that doesn't have stairs. annoying when you are out there? YES. but when you are inside worried about murderers? EXCELLENT.), i'm constantly wondering who's in the woods in the back documenting our every move and just waiting to break in and stab us with screwdrivers (criminal minds? anyone?).

so that's NEXT on the list. i'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

so pissed.

tom got me these DELIGHTFULLY warm and cozy l.l. bean slippers for christmas. i mean, they are RIDICULOUS looking, but i don't care. they are heaven.

only problem is, they fit HIM, they are waaay too big for me.

so, we trek over there last night to exchange them and i saw two pairs labeled small. one was in a package and one was out (obvs. a return), so i tried on the open ones and yahoo! they fit! so, i BOUGHT the packaged ones. (incidentally, tom ended up KEEPING THE OTHERS FOR HIMSELF!)

i get home, jump into pjs, SO excited to put on my new slippers. take them out of the package and have to JAM my feet into them. WTF? i turn them over? They are XXS!!!! in a S package. fuckers.

i'm going back today, but they're on clearance now and there was only that ONE other open pair. if they are gone, i will WEEP especially now that i have to watch mr. i-buy-you-gifts-that-i-keep-for-myself waltz around in the same ones taunting me!!!

also? i apparently HATE shopping now. i have so much shit to return or exchange for (sigh) BIGGER sizes (sidenote: size MEDIUM maternity LOUNGE pants don't fit me. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???) and i have only been motivated to rest on my couch for months. damn it!

Monday, January 05, 2009

the bean's first glamour shot

this is a crappy cell pic, but we had our nt scan (to measure for chromosomal abnormalities) this morning (and so far, everything looks GOOD!) and here is our little bean's first profile pic.


my precious

Saturday, January 03, 2009

i have GOT to get away from the tv

i want these. as in, i almost just ordered them from tv!!

that's ridiculous (and how i ended up w/ sounds of the 70s in college. i don't even LIKE 70s MUSIC).

also, i could totally save shipping charges and just buy them at walgreens, the land of "as seen on tv" -- i know this because tom got me SHAMWOW! from walgreens for christmas.

oh yes he did. and i love him for it.



oh yeah, baby.