Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my car is depressed now

why do i always have a thousand posts in my HEAD, but laze around until ohhhh saaaayy TWO WEEKS go by before i post? don't answer.

anyway. so we live in a fairly nice/average apartment complex. it's surrounded by about 30 million OTHER apartment complexes, however, and that just invites crime. apparently.

for example, our apartment comes STANDARD with a security system. we live on the second floor so that bitch is totally disabled (thanks to SOMEONE'S toddler who pushed 80 buttons and randomly set it off even though we never even programmed it to begin with. that kid is some sort of evil genius. except he's not really evil.). sorry. TANGENT.

there has been a note on our outside door for a few months warning us that a few cars have been broken into lately and had their GPS stolen, so please make sure nothing of value is in your cars and the complex is sorry, but TOUGH SHIT, basically.

speaking of shit, would you like to know what a piece my car is? this is so pathetic, i actually feel bad for my little 98 honda civic...

i keep a spare set of keys in the car because in the winter i'd go and start it to let it warm up before i went to work -- use spare keys to start it and normal keys to lock it so no one would drive off in it. HAHAHAHAHAH WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.


i came downstairs the other morning to go to work and noticed i had FORGOTTEN to lock the car the night before. not only was nothing stolen OUT of the car, but my spare keys were RIGHT IN PLAIN SIGHT in the console.

so, people actually go to the trouble of breaking into other cars to steal stuff, but won't just open my door, grab the keys, start and DRIVE OFF WITH IT. like, thanks, but no thanks.

sigh. pathetic.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

you made all... my dreams come true

ok, look. i know a lot of people SAY they were the biggest nkotb fan around. but i seriously WAS. i saw them in concert a million times, MET them at the magic summer tour (oh yes) in 1990 and had all the crap. most hardcore new kids fans had the whole room-covered-in-posters thing so i wasn't really over the top there. i did also have the DOLLS and sheets and TOWELS and tapestries... i won contests and wrote letters. i even co-founded a group of new kids fans who protested a DJ at a local radio station for dissing the new kids (obviously i realize how pathetic i am). i loved them even WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE. which, for the record, was in 1993. i know. so sad.

i *thought* when i heard of their upcoming reunion that i would be SO OVER it. i mean, i'm almost 33, people. i saw a publicity photo today.

i'll be lovin you foreeeeeeva

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

oh hell YES


i made this. I REPEAT: I MADE THIS!! i've been madly in love with lomo saltado since i first discovered brasitas, which is a fabulous little restaurant. lomo saltado, sangria and plantain chips and salsa. ohhhh sweet jesus.

well, two things... 1) i don't live nearby anymore and 2) they don't serve it for dinner anymore anyway. so i never ate it again. except, my former roommate, anna, is peruvian and MADE IT FOR ME ONCE. it was so good. i mean come on, people. it is a dish that includes french fries AND rice. (i hadn't poured it over the rice yet in the above picture, but still! how GOOD does it look???)

so i've been missing it for like two years now and i finally got up the courage to google some recipes and made it the other night. it was actually GOOD! can you tell i'm amazed by this? i'm not a very good cook. except. MAYBE I AM!

anyway. hooray for lomo saltado! even though i made so much, tom is eating for dinner for the third night this week.