Thursday, January 20, 2011

23 weekies = GIGANTOR

so what do we think? am i carrying differently or WHAT this time!?!?

the picture on the left is 2.0 and on the right is olivia. both at 23 weeks. YOWZA.

some other highlights... my rings came OFF by 23 weeks with olivia and still are fitting decently now. to be fair, my wedding band was sized up 1/4 because nine months post partum w/ livie, i almost had to have my finger amputated trying to get it on and i was tired of waiting. they both are still spinning and fitting ok despite my (to me) MUCH larger belly. i do weigh less than i did with livie, but seriously? that belly!

in other crazy news, in my hospital at least, the new kid is now considered VIABLE. they consider 23 weeks viable. insanity. while i'm happy and grateful to have made to this milestone, do NOT take that as a cue to be born, giant baby. for like, at least 15 more weeks. your room? a hot mess still. your crib? well, it's picked out, but not purchased. your dresser? still in use by your big sister. aka: NOT READY.

speaking of big sister, she does seem to have had a little language explosion. she's still not talking TOO much, but she repeats us now, which is cute. she has a lot more animal sounds, her two favorites being BAAAAAAAAAA and NEIGGGGGH NEIGGGGGHHHH at the top of her little lungs.

she can climb up on the couch herself while chanting, "up! up! up!" and does all the hand gestures for itsy bitsy spider and then promptly yells, "YAY! MORE!" after you finish singing.

we sing that song a. lot.

did i ever update on the amniotic situation? everything looks great now. PHEW. baby is breech. whatevs. i can't control that. do what you must, little bean. we'll figure it out.

the trouble-making second child at 22 weeks:

my pelvis is already busting in half but it pales in comparison to the sciatica. OMG. i have fallen a few times and now have to wear a HOT back brace whenever i'm walking to keep myself from just crumpling to the floor in pain. oh tiny children, how you wreck my body.

i love you beasties so much.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

18 months old!

she celebrated by having her little tub ducky give his mama a kiss.

for the first time EVER IN LIFE ( i know this sounds dramatic, but it's a big f'ing deal in this house), olivia's ears were clear at a doctor's appointment. not even any fluid. NOTHING. i believe the words were, "PERFECT."

YAY, TUBES!!! i mean, i hated having to do them. and i hated the 4 infections that followed. and i hated the goop and that the drops didn't work and that the ORAL antibiotics didn't work and then... different drops... MIRACLE!!! wahoo!


here are her stats:

she is in the 93rd percentile for height (what up, bean stalk?!) at 2'9.5" tall. she's going to be taller than me by age five.

she's in the 60th percentile for weight at 24lbs 15oz. i'm surprised she even weighs that much on her self-imposed all-fruit-all-the-time diet.

her head is 18 1/2 inches and puts her in the 64th percentile. the doctor is very happy with her growth chart, so yay!

the doctor is not at all concerned with her speech at this point. while we were chatting, olivia was playing with my iphone and having a full on conversation with nobody (in olivia language) complete with hand gesturing and the doctor said not to worry, that the words were On. The. Way. she shows that she understands us, can follow simple commands (if she feels like it), points to objects we ask about and signs. she knows all her body parts and can make two (ish) animal sounds (neigh for horse and roar for lion). only about 6-8 words (mama, dada, yay, no, yeah, and more -- does TA DA!!!! count?) <-- that was from my notes as of last week. she's since learned "up" and "car" and can i tell you MY MOM WOULD BE SO PROUD OF HER ACCENT.



as we were leaving the doc said, "OK, see you in four months!" and i was like, "um isn't her next appointment at age two?" and she goes, "not for olivia, for the new one!" FOUR MONTHS. YIKES!!!

speaking of the new kid, we have an ultrasound on thursday to recheck my amniotic fluid. i hope everything looks good. HEAR THAT, CARLOS!?