Tuesday, August 22, 2006


i am still sick. in case anyone feels like sending me flowers (tom). i keep thinking it's getting better, so i decide against going to the doctor. then i feel bad again. it's a vicious cycle that only nyquil can help.

also someone keeps calling from 518 area code and i'm afraid to answer because that's my mom's area code. i'm all set with all things upstate new york, thanks. i've had about all i can handle from them for the year. and i figure if it's important, whoever it is will leave a message.

i'm very cranky. be happy i'm not answering your dumb phone call today. they're all fiction anyway. (HunterTM*)

*Hunter recently learned the difference between fiction and non-fiction. so he applies it to everything and also people. so if you lie to him, you are fiction. shut up, he's brilliant.


Anonymous said...

He is brilliant. Hope you are not actually working today. Be sick, TJ's #1 girl can run .com. She tries to do it every other day anyway. : )

stephanie said...

I wish I could. She's on vacation for two weeks. Achoo!