Monday, August 21, 2006

happy birthday, melanie!

my baby sister is 26 today. holy cow. i am old. so where to start? i'm sick. my throat started to hurt yesterday afternoon and just got progressively worse. to the point that i actually am "home" from work. which is weird, because i work from home, so being home sick is kind of difficult. since work is here. anyway. i took some dayquil an hour or so ago and i feel a little less like dying, which is good since we're taking melanie to on the border for dinner. OLE!

the wedding was good. i wore a white dress with blue embroidery and all night i kept remarking how awesome it was that i didn't spill on it. so, we come back from dancing and there are delicious-looking strawberry shortcakes at our table. first bite... envision in slow motion, a strawberry leaping from the plate and landing on my lap. and if that wasn't bad enough, it continued it's journey by bouncing down the entire right side of my dress. classy, stephanie.

also, today is important for a few reasons. it's melanie's birthday, most importantly. it's also six whole months that she and hunter have lived in connecticut, which is awesome for a variety of personal and legal reasons. it's also, though, six months since my mom died. which is so overwhelming, i almost can't even write it. but i know she is proud of her little brood. we keep plugging ahead and making small, yet significant progress (i hope!). miss you, mom.

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