Friday, August 25, 2006


dudes, i am so tired, i can't even explain it. some combination of allergy medication, coughing and plain old insomnia allowed me to get about 47 minutes of sleep last night. seriously. i was wide awake ALL NIGHT. and now i have that really overtired headache, yet my eyelids will still not close. i just tried to spend my lunch break taking a nap. i mean COME ON, it's perfect. the weather is so awful. it's pouring outside and dark — perfect sleeping weather. but noooooo. my jackass eyes won't shut.

tom leaves for baltimore tomorrow. i hope he doesn't get sick. he said he's not feeling great today. ugh. this is the longest cold ever, too. if anyone would like to know anything about almost any OTC cold product, please let me know, as i've used about 17 jillion of them since sunday.

oh and ps? don't think i didn't try to watch 8 episodes of csi while i was up (since the only thing on at 4am is walker, texas ranger. i love you chuck norris, but f that.) and i'd seen them all. with friends reruns, for some reason it doesn't matter. i can watch them over and over, but i am not going to waste my time watching warrick brown's gambling problems with the judge when i already KNOW he's going to have the judge busted and get promoted to csi 3.

ok, no more whining. >>GONG<<

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brett said...

oh how i love GONG!
(it would not let me publish the brackets because they make them look like an html tag. haha nerd alert.)