Thursday, September 07, 2006

aw .

i took my baby book home from one of the boxes we're storing at melanie's. my mother kept everything. it's really so funny. there are the baby pictures, a lock of hair from my first haircut, my wristband from the hospital, the note in the paper (where they spelled our last name wrong!!) and several cards i made her and lots of notes she wrote as me when i was little.

one of the most bad ass things i saw was a note from my kindergarten teacher, miss farrah. my mom must have torn into her over something on my report card, because this note says:

"Mrs. Donohue, I'm glad you're pleased with Stephanie's report card. Looking over it a second time, I did find a few mistakes that I have made. Stephanie does know her birthday. Also, the section that states 'count objects and select numerals' was purely an error. She deserves a plus and I assure you that I will check that box on her next report card. Thank you for calling these items to my attention."

GO MOM!!! and duh. anyone who knows me, knows i came out of the womb knowing my birthday. it's princess day!!!

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Christine said...

I love it! Moms do save everything. That kindergarten teacher had no idea what was coming to her. Princess day for sure.