Thursday, September 21, 2006

derek or finn? mcdreamy or mcvet? WHO WILL IT BE?!

i forgot to report back on the shows i watched monday night. the class was dumb. the acting? not so good, but i'll watch a couple more times if they don't pull it immediately. why? eh why not.

but studio 60 was AWESOME!! seriously. i loved every second of it. can't wait for next week. i may have a hetero-crush on amanda peet. just. sayin.

ok, now. onto the biggest event of my week: dinner with my friends and GREY'S PREMIERE!!!! although i had to turn off the finale last night when denny died. it's justt too much for me. i'm so lame. but i can't wait to watch tonight. i love that show.

ok, enough caps and nonsense. can i just tell you that last night i was chatting with hunter and he's kind of in an obsessed-with-death phase again. he asked me if i was going to die soon, was he, was my sister? and i said no, of course. because he's four. come ON. and he said when and i said when we are all really really old. and he goes, like in a thousand years? i said sure. so he (why didn't i see this coming?!) said, well why did memere die then because she wasn't anywhere near a thousand? i said she was sick and not very healthy, etc. so he goes, "you know, now that i think about it, i always saw her eating lollipops and i can't remember the last time i saw her eat a healthy dinner." so there you have it, folks. watch your lollipop consumption!!!

also, (can't stop rambling.) i got a fabulous new lamp at target for $11.50. that's right, clearance, baby!!! it looks like it's from pottery barn. holla!

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Christine said...

Love the lamp! I need one. I can't decide who I want stupid meredith to pick tonight... I think Chris O'Donnell just b/c he will probably be kicked off the show otherwise. We'll see McDreamy being dramatic with perfect hair for years to come, regardless!

ps, Hunter's a genuis. I'm just sayin.