Tuesday, September 12, 2006

what is up...

with it being 42 degrees this morning? it's september for cryin out loud. i'm not happy about that. it's on my bitch list today. hm, maybe tuesdays will be bitch list day. feel free to add your own bitch list in the comments. here's my first stab at it:

2) i drove for two hours and fifteen damned minutes to get here today and they CANCELLED THE MEETING.
3) the collar of my jacket won't stay down.
4) i keep saying the wrong thing.
5) my job stinks.
6) i need a manicure and i have neither the time nor money for one.
7) my job is awful.
8) dude, it's still like TWO WEEKS until lost premieres.
9) eh, i've lost steam.
10) i hate that i gave up on my list. whatever. shut up.

1 comment:

Christine said...

My responses:
#2 - Of course they cancelled the meeting. They are idiots. And I am sure someone got a CITE award for doing it.
#3 - Apparently you are trying to bring the 80's to Valhalla.
#5 - LEAVE!! Come to the dark side!
#6 - Me too. I was thinking of getting one today but then decided my date tonight was not worth the expenditure.
#8 - WTF? And they are saying that Grey's starts next week but I think it's just a recap ep so that's CRAP.