Tuesday, October 24, 2006

chilly willy

cozy simon

my little kitten is loving the fireplace this cold fall morning. as much as i'm not loving the colder weather, i admit, it's much easier to deal with when you have a fireplace.
ooh and cider.

we went to mel & hunter's for dinner tonight. i love stuffing. i love the fall because it's appropriate to have stuffing on several occasions when it's cold outside.

also, mel scolded hunter for saying "whatever" too much and asked who says it (he's learned a lot of fun new phrases in kindergarten) and he was like... "mem" ~ so good.


Anonymous said...

What'sa happenin' hotstuff? Got the pictures ready from Cw06 and would like to see them on your blog. Thought I'd get your email here but I'll send them over tomorrow from work. Bri

stephanie said...

bri - you can email me at schteffy@gmail.com