Monday, October 30, 2006

it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown!

halloween 2006 yesterday we made a killing at Rose's Berry Farm. For $5, we (we=hunter) got to jump around on giant bales of hay, go on some slides, play on an old tractor and take a hay ride to the pumpkin patch where they still had tons of great pumpkins and a corn maze! we picked out a few pumpkins (melanie was very indecisive) and waited in the freezing cold for the tractor to come pick us up with all our pumpkins. so, we get back down, and oh yeah, it also included face painting. that's a spider on hunter's cheek. and oh yeah again! they had a 3-pack of cider donuts for a DOLLAR. so good. ok, where was i? oh yeah, paying for the pumpkins. so. tom and i pay for our two and it's like ten bucks. mel had three and noticed a sign that said 39 cents a pound or fill an entire radio flyer wagon for $15!!! so we ran out and picked like 200 more. seriously, we filled that wagon. we're like "ohh one for mrs. wright. oooooh one for hunter's teacher. oh yeah, mel can bring these to kindercare... and here's one for the upstairs crazy neighbor...." so tonight is carving night. i'll add pictures from that, too.

and in OTHER news, jen and i met aj on saturday. way to go mariella and todd. she's definitely a keeper.

aj shirak

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