Saturday, November 11, 2006

i'm a mute.

i officially have no voice. like none. i'm simon. sigh. on the bright side, it's christine's birthday! happy, happy 30th birthday, christine! i can't wait to hear all about the weekend.

ok, i'm off to fall asleep with a little help from a friend i like to call quil. ny-quil.

holla back youngin.


Lady Godiva said...

i am so curious about what work you get to do at home? I would love to work at home but alas, I think with 4 kids I DO work, I just don't get paid in what is transferrable to the electric company! (non the less still valuable)

you have a neat personality. I enjoyed your blog. :)

Christine said...

Thanks for the birthday shout out. MISSED YOU ON SATURDAY!