Tuesday, January 16, 2007

um, what?

i am expense-retarded. i've been working for tp for four years and i still can't submit expenses on my own. it's ridiculous. and i just checked again and i submitted them for the wrong project code. WHATEVER. JUST REIMBURSE ME.

anyway. in addition to my new money management "skills" (ahahahahahha) i'm also 100% back on track w/ ww. i had been seriously slacking the last few months. also in those last few months, somehow my daily points allowance has gone DOWN! they base it off a bunch of new factors now instead of just height and gender. now they take into account your age, what you do for a living, etc. boo!

we watched hunter last night and he was so funny. he and tom were playing... tom was batman and hunter was blue ranger. so they made me call them for help because my house was on fire and my cat and i were trapped inside. "how do i call for you?" i ask. "911 !!!" is the exasperated response from the other room. oh obviously if you need the batman/blue ranger team, just yell 911 and they'll appear!

he also told me all about martin luther king's birthday. it's amazing how much they learn. it was so sweet to hear him talk about because how martin luther king was such a great man and fighter, he gets to go to school with all of his friends. he got it a little wrong... he said king was in the army to fight for freedom and died there, but the gist is correct. and i'm proud that he knows more about him than a lot of grown ups.

my favorite part of watching him is tucking him into bed and reading stories. when i kissed him good night (after him needing the night light, 85 stuffed animals, an extra blanket, a drink of water, a plea for another "bednight snack") and said, "i love you to smithereens" (that's one of our favorite words) and he replied sleepily, "i love you, too. and NEVER forget it!" :)

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