Monday, March 19, 2007

happy winter storm brendan to you!

hi. wtf is up with the weather? yeah, i know the storm was three days ago but i'm not over it yet, ok? how was it in the 60s early in the week and then we get like a foot of snow and ice on friday night? again, i implore... wtf!??!
anyway, happy st. patrick's day to you all. hunter is obsessed with this holiday which is so cool and so incredibly random. he made my sister feed him green milk and green eggs for breakfast on saturday. he also thinks he's a leprachaun. i love it so much. "do you know i'm from ireland and we love potatoes there?" yes, my adorable little crazypants, we do love potatoes. we do.
went to boston on saturday to celebrate in southie style with erin, laura and cronin. it was a blast. especially yesterday, since the parade goes right past erin's apartment. and hi, st. patrick himself was in the parade (um, what?) AND the entire cast of star wars. tom took several thousand pictures. i'll upload and share later.

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