Friday, April 13, 2007

i want to help!

this is the view over my right shoulder:

she keeps thwapping me in the head with her demon tail, too.
seriously, though, i cannot believe the change in this cat since she's been living with us. once my mom got really sick, both simon and keli (the above-pictured cat) turned very lackadaisical. i guess they just fed off of her vibes, and since she couldn't really get around, they decided they didn't need to, either. lazy bums.

after my mom died and they had to pack up their little cases and come live with tom and me, i warned him that keli doesn't like boys. she's never, in her 11 years, even enjoyed the sound of a boy's voice. (just ask my stepfather.) she is such a little skank... every DAY she jumps right up on the couch for him to pet her. he doesn't pick her up yet, but you don't even know what kind of progress this is. this is the same cat that almost clawed my sister's arm off last year. side note: my sister thinks keli has a grudge against her. that she secretly plots your death whilst you sleep. my sister's sanity is a topic for another post.

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