Wednesday, June 27, 2007


so i got up at 4:50am this morning to make sure i was here (in valhalla) for 7:30am to catch up on the training i missed yesterday due to below mentioned car trouble. it's now 8:25am (day 2 of training begins at 9) and nobody has caught me up on nuttin. so glad i got up IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMNED NIGHT for this.
so anyway, to elaborate on said car trouble... basically i got a flat tire on the highway in danbury and waited on the side of the road for an hour for aaa to get there. side note: 4, that's right.. FOUR police cars drove past me. none stopped. granted, given the flat spare tire, there was nothing they could've done to help me, but come on... at least CHECK on a stranded motorist! in fact, nobody stopped. i know it was rush hour and they all probably assumed i had a cell, which i did, but jeez. chivalry, anyone? no one? i guess not.

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