Wednesday, June 06, 2007

yet another reason...

why i need to have lasik eye surgery. ALLERGIES. my contacts are not an option. itchy, watery crack eyes are no good. glasses are not cutting it either as they are a little heavy (what we suffer for fashion) and hurt my sinuses so much i have watery eyes ANYWAY from the pain.
can i get away with no eye help at all, you ask? um no. as is evidenced by the giant bruise on my shin from walking into the chair. blind.
so. and hi... claritin? is a bitch. it's not helping. AT ALL. whatever. bite me.


rainman said...

unfortunately, u can't rub your eyes anymore if you get lasik.

stephanie said...

wait, what?? are there NO VIABLE OPTIONS for me, then?? (ps, hi ray!)