Thursday, July 26, 2007

boring week

but! last night i was surprised visited by mel, heather, jan and becky so that was fun!!! i just wish my house wasn't completely torn apart when they got here. whoops. i'm mid-clean. sorry, girls. and what's worse? i had NO WINE. blaspheme.

in other news.... though i don't know why i'm mentioning it because you're all obviously counting down to the wedding on your own, but we are in double digits! 99 days. whoa. i gotta lotta stuff to do.

also, i start my new job at LEGO soon. whee! it's weird though, to leave a job i've been at almost 5 years. i have never worked in one place for so long. i am going in on monday to sift through all the crap i've accumulated (wow, did i even spell that correctly?) and dump it.

tom comes home from VT tomorrow, yay!!! but, i will probably be gone before he gets here because i'm leaving tomorrow for CW 2007. this year tom and andy's fiancee are joining us, so it'll be a packed house on saturday. here's hoping for good weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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