Wednesday, July 11, 2007


so i guess i have been doing some of the postures wrong at yoga...last night we had a small class so the instructor was able to help me a bit and WOW do i feel it today. my back is SO SORE. after class she said she does private classes if i wanted to check that out. does that mean i'm focused and might be good at this or i'm so bad i can't be in a regular class? i'm guessing the latter. whatevs. i can't afford to go to the regular class AND private classes. we ain't big pimpin. so regular class it is. and i'll just have to work on my posture with all the other sweaty peeps. ps, i think i mentioned in a previous post that it's bikram yoga, so it's like 107 degrees in there... there was a guy last night taking his first class. wanna know how i know? he came in with a SWEATSHIRT ON. yeah, it was off in about 3 minutes. i don't know how he even handled 1 minute in that thing.

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