Thursday, July 05, 2007

thanksgiving in july??

first holidays first... happy belated 4th to you all. (hahaha, like i have a vast readership!) hope you enjoyed yourselves despite the stupid weather. it wasn't so bad for the early half of the day (which i spent inside a yoga studio sweating my ass off) but just as i'm putting up our summer string lights on the deck? pouring. yay. but who cares because i'm now on to the second holiday of my post... thanksgiving in july. now i know what you're thinking... turkey=yum. regardless of the season. but i'm not talking about food. i'm talking about how grateful i am for all of my fortune and by fortune i don't mean money, (ha. obviously.) i mean friends and family. there's so much going on in life, it's easy to forget how lucky we are to have what we have. that we're here. i have amazing friends who go out of their way to show me how much they care about me. i have a wonderful husband-to-be (note to married friends: when does saying "husband" stop feeling like you're playing dress up?) who not only dances like a madman, but loves me even when i'm at my crankiest -- which is NOT easy to do. and i read so much about people not being able to stand their in-laws. wow, how lucky am i? seriously, mine are The Best. and i get to share all this with my sister, who is just doing such great things for herself and really making a solid life for herself and her little guy. how fortunate am i to be able to see her almost every day? to be a part of that? and i get to have date nights with my favorite super hero. any random tuesday night, i can grab hunter from daycare and take him to dinner and a movie, where he can wow me with his math skills and infinite knowledge of tree frogs. all these things are constantly swirling around, surrounding me and i just wanted to stop and take a second to breathe and say thank you and i love you guys.

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