Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i'm baaack!

and i should be sleeping. i'm exhausted still from our jillion hour journey home on sunday night. but i shouldn't complain because this is where i spent four days:

rio del mar
was very nice, but i'm still so tired. i guess i'm overtired. because i have to get up even earlier than normal tomorrow to bring keli to the vet to get her teeth cleaned. (don't ask.) then off to work for a 9am meeting. yawn. i want our invitations to just GET HERE ALREADY and i still haven't sent jen, christine and erin their dresses yet. i am committed to sending them out on the way to work on thursday. and if, yet again, i fail, i'll send them on saturday morning. jeez, actually GOING to an office takes up a lot of the day. (tom is totally rolling his eyes at me. or he would be if he hadn't been asleep for an hour and a half already.)

and ps? only 4 cat pukes to clean up after leaving them alone (not TOTALLY alone, they had becky and mel feeding them all weekend) for four days. these guys do NOT tolerate us leaving well. and lemme tell you... i do not tolerate cleaning up 4 cat pukes at 2am after travelling for 8 hours and needing to go to sleep so i can get up at 6am for work very well. but at least one of them was on the kitchen floor so that was easy to clean. thanks, simon. you're a gem.
ok, peace out.

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