Friday, August 03, 2007

so much to say so much to say...

so much to saaaaaay (TMDave Matthews).

so yesterday was my LAST DAY AT TOWERS PERRIN. i haven't really posted much about the job sitch because, well, it seemed like it was jinxy to do that. so today, i have the day off and am heading to hammonasset (yeah, i am way to lazy to look up the correct spelling) with becky for a bit before i come home and wait for the dresses to get here. that's right, the bridesmaid dresses will arrive today. know how i know? well, first, i've been stalking them every five seconds on, but also, ups left me a lovely automated message last night confirming delivery between 8am and 7pm today. oh ok, i'll definitely wait by the door for ELEVEN HOURS. hi, leave me a post it and i'll come pick them up this afternoon. ok, so last night i had the following dream (i'm lazy and running late for becky's so i'm just c/p an email i wrote to her):
So the dresses are coming today "between 8am and 7pm" and someone needs to sign for them, so likely I won't be here and I'll get a sticky to pick them up somewhere later... but anyway, I just woke up from a dream that I got them and they were irridescent brown... so when they hit the light, there was blue and green... which would be fine except that doesn't really jive with the "fall theme" so in my head I was scrambling to change the flowers, the invitation colors -- basically everything. Ah, my first wedding-related nightmare. I'll be over in a little bit!!!
ps, i know i just totally jinxed myself. ok, one more thing then i'm off. like an irridescent prom dress...
so monday i start work at LEGO?! i'll be producing their club and play sites. how freakin cool is that??? hopefully very cool. the office is so cool that i'll sneak attack cell pics and post them when i start. oh yes, i am so going to be that dorky new girl.


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Brett said...


1. How was day #1?

2. Are the dresses normal or do you have to change everything?

I read this every (week) day now. I need updates.


PS--please no more Dave Matthews references...? Please?