Friday, October 12, 2007

baseball fans?

ummm what are the chances that say, a game 7 of the world series could be taking place on my WEDDING DAY?
someone please assure me that the chances are approximately (if not definitely) zero. i'm not saying that a certain scrappy team from the northeast will be in it; i would never project, but i'm simply wondering in general. as a concerned bride. i got a lotta fans in my wedding party. a lot.

i wonder how god would feel about plasma screen tvs at church?


Tessie said...

Oh lord I feel your pain on this. I will hope for the best, and by the best I mean "a catastrophic choke"

stephanie said...


hello insomnia said...

I wonder how God felt about all the guys who smuggled in radios and headphones into my friends wedding. And that wasn't even a playoff game.