Friday, October 19, 2007

my head hurts

it's a big weekend, my friends. i don't mean big necessarily as in MOMENTOUS, but more along the lines of packed. like sardines-type packed.
tonight is the uconn homecoming game against louisville. things that COULD make this a more fun night include: less assinine weather, earlier start-time, better parking and the whole day off from work.
my hair, dudes. i'm seriously teetering on the edge of marge simpson hair. it's overcast, yet disgustingly humid. add the impending thunderstorm and some seven layer dip and we've got a par-tay!
it also begins tom's Bachelor Party Weekend. i have a sneaking suspicion there will be several shots involved in the tailgating portion of our evening. i have my second fitting tomorrow, so i have to say no thank you to basically the BEST PART of tailgating... beer and food. so. tomorrow.

  • meeting at reception hall at 9am
  • eye doctor appointment at 10:45am (did i tell you about my DOUBLE EYE INFECTION? no? oh that'll be tomorrow's post)
  • meeting jen at the apartment at noon for lunch (hahahahah lunch. yeah right.)
  • fitting at 1pm

i think after that, i might pass out. but then we have a bunch of other last-minute wedding stuff to do. and i also have to bring the cd w/ the picture of my parents to cvs to print out the teeny locket-sized picture of them to put in my bouquet charm thing for the wedding. i guess the florist needs it or something. it's not like the wedding's in two weeks or anything. oh wait. shit.

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