Friday, November 16, 2007

couple more wedding pics

here is my amazing nephew, who, by this point, had been up, showered, spent three hours at a hair salon and was waiting to GO to the ceremony. an almost-six-year-old who sat quietly (and bored) while i freaked out about my dress and the weather, then rode to church, gave me away like a CHAMP, sat quietly through the hourlong ceremony, rode to city hall for pictures for like two hours and didn't get TOO cranky. (he did refuse to be in any more pictures at one point and tom had to carry him), then to the reception where he danced with his auntie before escaping to his batman jammies for the evening. i love you, hunter. you are the best. and your mom ain't too shabby, either!this is so bootleg
i know. the sunset is unreal, right? well it damn well BETTER BE considering the bullshit weather we had all day!! yes, it was absolutely freezing, also. at least i had the giant dress on for warmth. the poor bridesmaids had cocktail length strapless dresses on. i owe them all. big time.
f you hurrican noel
aaaand here's the happy couple after surviving their hourlong full mass catholic wedding ceremony. i still can't believe that fool was crazy enough to marry me. i totally scored with this one. :)
my husband f'ing ROCKS


Pickles & Dimes said...

Yay! Beautiful photos!!! Can't wait to see more(although I'm super jealous you already have your photographer's pictures. I have to wait another 2 weeks!).

Sara said...

I love wedding photos!! Very Beautiful! Congrats!

Sara said...

I love wedding photos! Very Beautiful!! Congrats!