Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hey mama

ok, so this photo does NOT do it justice, but behold... my mom's infamous stuffing. the woman had two Very Good Recipes and this is one of them. (the other is chicken soup.) she passed away sort of suddenly in february of 2006 (i say "sort of" because i feel like if she wasn't my mom, i totally would have seen it coming, but when your mom's 49, it doesn't matter HOW sick she is, you revert to 5 years old and completely believe she will recover from COPD and early-onset emphysema. duh.), so i was, of course, completely unprepared. hahaha unprepared -- what a totally asshole comment. OF COURSE I WAS UNPREPARED. i think, even when you KNOW it's coming, you are completely unprepared. ok. tangent.

ANYWAY, i meant that i didn't gather up all of the important things, all of the stuff that only MY mom knows and could pass on to me, and for me to pass on to my kids and all that other happy bullshit. i had made The Stuffing (and The Chicken Soup, for that matter) probably 25 times, but always with her standing over my shoulder, barking at me. I totally zone out when people bark at me. It's like when you're driving and someone's barking directions at you, then you need to go to that same place again, but by yourself... and you ask for directions and the barker barks, "don't you remember?!" no. same for this. whoops, sorry. another tangent.

ANYWAY AGAIN... luckily for me, my former roommate JM (heh) has been fortunate (fortunate=drunk) enough to spend a thanksgiving or two with my family and thus has been a party to The Stuffing. she remembers stuff. like directions and street names. and THE RECIPE. so last year, my first thanksgiving without my mom, i was a mess and pissed for not paying attention and all that other guilty shit that just comes with the job of being a daughter when JM saved the day and reminded me of the recipe. so my sister and i ate it last year and it was a wonderful gift. ok, i'm getting sappy now. but seriously, the stuffing includes SAUSAGE AND BACON. hi. a little bit of heaven, much?!?!

you may be wondering about The Chicken Soup recipe. hahahaha yeah, no i don't remember that either, but thank god, my sister does and she pumps that out all the time. i'm so lucky.

look at me, all thankful. just in time for thanksgiving. mom would be proud of her forgetful, directionally challenged daughter. ;)


Tessie said...

I'm so sorry about your mom. Looks like you did her proud, that stuffing looks AWESOME.

stephanie said...

thanks, tessie. it IS awesome, if i do say so... i repeat: BACON AND SAUSAGE. so so so very good. happy thanksgiving!!