Monday, December 17, 2007

my car is an asshole

so this morning on my drive into work, i'm behind a giant suv. it's, of course, spraying ice and sand and all sorts of winter wonderland all over my windshield. SO, i think, as any NORMAL driver would, hey, let's just spray some washer fluid and wipe that shit right off.
i press the button, the washer stuff squirts right up and my wipers come up like normal... until about the halfway point -- you know, the part that's RIGHT IN MY LINE OF VISION -- and decide they're done for the day.
that's right. they just stopped. they stared at me as if to say, fuck you, stephanie, have fun driving 45 minutes on the highway with windshield washer fluid frozen to your windshield. also, enjoy the added bonus of wipers blocking about 75% of your view. let's not forget the overall shitty weather conditions and the fact that this car is a 1998 honda civic that is generally awful in any sort of inclement weather.

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Type (little) a said...

So is mine. Except I'm the asshole, because I was lifting up the wipers after I parked my car b/c we were expecting snow, and I fucking BROKE my wiper.

I'm always manhadling things.

I saw your comment on Mona's site. I had PTSD after 9/11. If I could avoid it, I would not let someone go somewhere without me, in case they DIED. Because then I would regret not going to work with my husband at 3am. While 7 mos pregnant.

You get the idea