Friday, December 28, 2007

very exclusive.

so tonight i had a pajama party with my sister and my nephew. when they walked in after work (at 5:45pm) i was already IN my pajamas, complete with glass of pinot noir.

i told them there are RULES to this pajama party. hunter agreed immediately. i said, "don't you want to know what the rules are before you blindly agree??" he didn't really care, so i fired away:
  1. you must be in pajamas
  2. you must party
  3. you must have a special drink
  4. you must eat until your belly hurts

he was like, well DUH, OF COURSE I AGREE!! so, melanie switched her special drink between heineken light and amstel light ( i prefer HL. i HATE regular heineken, however. just in case you wanted to send me beer or something.), i stuck with the wine and hunter had several shirley temples.

we ate: mozzerella sticks, egg noodles with butter and cheese, pigs in a blanket, salad with chicken, tortilla chips with spinach artichoke dip AND hot fudge sundaes. shut up, there was a randomly healthy salad involved. it's a PARTY, for christ sake!

hunter was a little disappointed because we didn't have "special effects" -- he is hosting a new year's eve party and said it will include a disco ball. i totally failed in the special effects department.

he also let us in on a VERY top secret fact about polar bears... did you know if they aren't "developed" properly, they just turn into seals? and if seals don't develop properly they turn into whales. hey, thanks animal planet. you're CLEARLY teaching him a lot. oh yes, and while orangutan is SPELLED o-r-a-n-g-u-t-a-n , it's pronounced "o-rang-uh-tang" -- he will not budge on this. yum, tang...

ps, i think i'm getting sick again, but did i take airborne today? no. instead i drank basically a bottle of pinot noir. eh, same diff. CHEERS.

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