Friday, February 22, 2008

ok, i'm in

i watched my first ai of the season last night. i usually wait till we're at the top 10 point, but jan and becky were talking about it the other night and i felt SO LEFT OUT because i didn't know who the hell they were talking about, etc.

also? my nephew watches it and i cannot continue to be schooled by a six year old. he seriously has to jet home from my house so as not to miss it. wtf?

here is the part where i SHOULD be telling you who i like and who i hate. well, since i only saw the results show, i only saw the booted contestants perform and here's what i have to say about them: NO HARD FEELINGS, SUCKASSES. they were all horrible. especially the kid with the puffy hair. ew.

my only other insight is WTF with the girls bawling over every. little. thing? those two they kept showing... i thought they might collapse from distress. get over it already!

can you tell i'm trapped in my house due to weather?

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