Friday, February 01, 2008

things i am happy about

  • i have finally decided -- three days before the primary -- who i will vote for. i'm not all about politics on here, but feel free to let me know YOUR thoughts. i'm always up for being influenced and following others and all that.
  • hell to the YEAH for LOST being back. i don't know if it's just that there have been no new shows for fucking EVER or what, but i almost cried i was so happy it was back. and my friend becky has already started filling my head with all the little "clues" -- my favorite so far involves the letters "ho" -- i will leave it there for now for those of you who have yet to watch your DVR. GET TO IT so we can discuss, people!!! i need all of your theories and speculation. also? i love hurley. so so so much.
  • i am VERY excited for sunday. hi, NACHOS. and, in case you are wondering who i am rooting for, here is what is hanging up on my white board: believe. and yes, i live in new england. and no, i will not be wearing any sort of football jersey on sunday because i hate them. sorry if you love them, but i think, unless you are ON THE TEAM, you should not be wearing any sort of jersey -- baseball, basketball, football... water polo or WHATEVER. and furthermore, if you wear some sort of sporting apparel (cap, tee shirts, sweatshirts, what have you) please, PLEASE wear the team colors. pink is NOT APPROPRIATE. neither are rhinestones (thank you, kevin, for burning that image into my brain).
  • IT'S FRIDAY!!! but, duh.

editing to add: tom brady is still wicked hot even though i am a giants fan. but again, duh.


Tessie said...

I was SO SO pumped about LOST being back. Sad. I really, really liked the flash-forwards (too spoiler-y? sorry)

I am over the Patriots. Tom Brady is totally , TOTALLY hot, even though I suspect he might be a Total Dick.

stephanie said...

Tessie: I suspect you are RIGHT ON with your speculation.

Pickles & Dimes said...

I like wearing jerseys, but only on game days. And I hate it when they make jerseys all girlie. Like women won't wear stuff unless it's pink.

(Although I do wear Twins t-shirts a lot during the summer. That's not the same as wearing a jersey, right?)

kev said...

I am buying you a bedazzled believe T-shirt if the Giants win and calling you the Rhinestone cowgirl.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Tom Brady assessment. Didn't he ditch his pregnant girlfriend for a supermodel? Classy.

Wasn't Lost last night like having your old elementary school friend back after a long absence? It was so nice. Hurley rocks and he totally broke my heart last night.
I'm anxious to hear other's theories...

stephanie said...

P&D: A tee shirt is COMPLETLEY acceptable. As are sweatshirts, etc. And I can give you a pass on the jerseys because I KNOW you are hardcore.

Kev: Bring it.

Shelly: Oh Hurley. He totally breaks my heart. I want to be BFF with him. Always and forever, Hugo.

stephanie said...

P&D: As I hope you will give me a pass for MISSPELLING COMPLETELY. {{cringe}}