Wednesday, April 02, 2008

oh hell YES


i made this. I REPEAT: I MADE THIS!! i've been madly in love with lomo saltado since i first discovered brasitas, which is a fabulous little restaurant. lomo saltado, sangria and plantain chips and salsa. ohhhh sweet jesus.

well, two things... 1) i don't live nearby anymore and 2) they don't serve it for dinner anymore anyway. so i never ate it again. except, my former roommate, anna, is peruvian and MADE IT FOR ME ONCE. it was so good. i mean come on, people. it is a dish that includes french fries AND rice. (i hadn't poured it over the rice yet in the above picture, but still! how GOOD does it look???)

so i've been missing it for like two years now and i finally got up the courage to google some recipes and made it the other night. it was actually GOOD! can you tell i'm amazed by this? i'm not a very good cook. except. MAYBE I AM!

anyway. hooray for lomo saltado! even though i made so much, tom is eating for dinner for the third night this week.

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Pickles & Dimes said...

This looks fantastic! Great job!