Friday, June 27, 2008


i went to the new house (my house, MY NEW HOUSE, did i mention we BOUGHT A HOUSE?!?!) last night to show my sister and nephew around. well, as i'm waiting for them to get there, i hear this beeping noise in the house. three quick beeps.... 2 minute pause.... three quick beeps. wtf? i heard it in the kitchen, but i thought maybe the alarm was on, so i DISARMED it (it YELLS "DISARMED!!!" when you hit the button) and it didn't stop.

so then i thought it was a smoke detector (are any of you remembering the episode of friends where phoebe is haunted by the smoke detector?) and i couldn't find ANYTHING blinking ANYWHERE.

by this time, my sister and nephew were there and we were going crazy over this freaking NOISE. all of a sudden, hunter casually mentions that the fridge isn't closed all the way. my PRECIOUS FRIDGE.

IT WAS THE FRIDGE TELLING ME IT WAS AJAR!! i have never had a talking fridge before! so not only did we feel completely stupid, but i wasted energy for 20 minutes. sigh.

in other news, i picked out paint colors!!!! swatches to come this weekend. I KNOW!


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