Friday, July 18, 2008

contest ends today!

at four o'clock, i think? then i will scour swistle's site (UNLESS SOMEONE WANTS TO TELL ME IN A COMMENT?!?!) to figure out how to use the random number generator to choose a winner and that is, quite frankly, a LOT of work for the friday before vacation.


also, do you see what not eating DOES TO ME?? what a BITCH i am. my co-workers are warning me not to get into a "slimfast rage" -- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

ps, you don't NEED to blog to enter the contest. i don't give a tiny rat's ass, becky. you are still entered, LIKE IT OR NOT. DAMN!


Tessie said...

Dude, the random number thing is easy, you just go to and then put in the number of comments you have, tell it to GO, and it shoots out a number for ya.

stephanie said...