Tuesday, July 01, 2008

hot, sweaty mess

ugh, you guys. i have my very own tuesday rant and rave:

rave: i just found two AWESOME accent chairs for my living room at MARSHALL'S of all places for $40 APIECE!

rant: ok, i drive a honda civic, so you can imagine it took some houdini-ing to get those bastids in there. it's also upwards of 90 degrees outside. my a/c is also, coincidentally, BROKEN.

i had to come back to work. i SWEAT THROUGH MY SHIRT.

luckily, i stopped at old navy and picked up a cutie-pie navy sleeveless button-down to change into, but still. gross. what does it look like? oh i'd show you, but there ISN'T A PICTURE ON THE DAMN WEBSITE.

AND ANOTHER THING! i took a picture of the super-terrific chairs and my phone WON'T LET ME SEND IT. fucker.

ETA: HERE IT IS! (i bought two.)

i was a total pain in the ass, but wicked cheap and thus, worth it!


Brett said...

you got a bargain!

i love how you used to go to old navy to buy clothes when you had nothing clean...

stephanie said...

i love how we used to work 22 hour days so we had no time to wash our clothes, thus forcing us to just buy new ones. ;)

Becky said...

Like the chairs.

Now WTF is TWITTER?? Christ, I don't even have a Myspace account. Or Facebook. Whatever. I fear change, too.

minnie said...

ooo, those are cute!