Tuesday, August 12, 2008

come one, come all!

i am working from home today because i'm watching hunter. camp ended last week and he still has two weeks until school starts, so my sister has expertly set up a world tour of babysitters for the next two weeks. i was tagged in today. so, it was the perfect day for ALL of the house work we needed to have done...

  • the radon mitigation system is being installed today. they have to vent it out 12 inches ABOVE my roof!! wtf!?
  • the garage door repair guy is here. GREAT NEWS! the opener is FRIED! he thinks it was HIT BY LIGHTNING. um. WHAT!? anyway... that's an unexpected three hundred bucks to replace it. WHEE! there goes my leather coffee table/ottoman set. SIGH.
  • raymour & i deliver RIPPED LOVESEATs er, i mean flanigan is coming to repair my loveseat.

they are the only ones not clogging up my driveway currently. thank god for extra lego sets to keep hunter busy while i deal with all these people. oh yeah... AND TRY TO GET WORK DONE!

oh.. doorbell. couch repair?

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