Sunday, August 17, 2008

follow up to big perm freakout

i have purchased SEVERAL antidotes to the total woof head i have been cursed with for the better part of a year.

including, but not limited to:

  • sedu xti wikkid awesome hairdryer to the STAHS! [i love you for this one, danse!]
  • bed head control freak shampoo and conditioner
  • bed head spoil me spray which is supposed to accomplish the following: Smoothes hair instantly. Anti-static defrizzer. A second day restyler with hydrating conditioning results. Gives hair a light, moveable hold. [mostly i bought these because after smelling 49 anti-frizz shampoos, hunter and i thought these smelled the best]
  • paul mitchell slick works which has SO MANY alleged benefits, i have to link to them all [my hair diva, bryan, suggested this. he said my hair "LOVES THIS PRODUCT!"]

i will carefully launder, dry and style my hair tomorrow and post a picture. you guys tell me if all this shit is working or not. HAPPY SUNDAY. I HAVE TOMORROW OFF, SUCKERS!!!


kirida said...

I've been thinking of revamping my hair products. I have the coarseness of a brillo pad plus all the frizzy poof of stretched cotton candy.

Danse said...

Sa-weet! I'm glad you like the sedu. The control freak never worked well for me, but I did have luck with Frederick Fekkai glossing line (way $$$ though). I also like the super skinny serum, but I guess that didn't work for you :o/

Enjoy your day off ;o)